Range time with sons and .22

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Had a great time at the range with my two sons last weekend. Here is my target. 40 shots, 10 yards. Two different pistols. One was a Walther .22 and the other a Ruger .22. Not too bad for the old guy in the room. Practicing for my Jack Wilson impression maybe someday.

In case you haven't heard of it, Jack Wilson was the hero in Texas that saved his church congregation from a mass shooter. The bad guy took out 2 of the many people in the room and then hero Jack took him out with a head shot from what looks like about 20 yards before the bad guy could injure anyone else. The video is pretty impressive. Jack became a Savior in six seconds.

Horrible the things that happened in some of the other churches and areas where silly folks had to wait for the police to take the report after dozens were hurt or injured. Jack may have saved 24 lives or more that day. A prime example of how and why lawful concealed carry saves lives.

For more details on the Jack Wilson hero story, visit here:

Another link to the actual video here: (Warning graphic content!)

I know that some may oppose this type of thing, but we should be thankful for Jack and the other protectors who support it. Don't ever give up your rights to defend yourself, or for other protectors to walk among us.


Nice shooting! I was at the range yesterday shooting my 9mm and 38 Super. A mate had his Ruger .22 there which he has in an Archangel chassis...So cool! I wish the bastard wasn't there because now I want one! I don't have a .22 though so it means a whole new gun...Bummer. Lol.

It was a good time. Divorced a long time ago and I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my two boys over the years. It is really good for us to start reconnecting. I shoot better with my own, of course. This was a mix of 20 shots with a Walther PPK/S and a Ruger Mark IV/45 both .22 caliber and neither I had shot before other than a previous warm up target. Both are stock from the factory (for now) and I really struggled with the heavy triggers on them and stock sights. The Ruger I think was about 5.5lbs. I'm sure they will be doing some upgrades.
@galenkp check out this version of the Ruger MarkIV that is modded out and called "The Black Pearl". That really made me want to get into it even deeper!

Connecting and spending time with your lads is great and I hope you get to do so more. Even if you don't have common interests (which you do) that time you spend will be valuable for you and them. Nice work.

Hey, thats's a pretty sweet looking rig right there! As I said, I don't have a .22 as I shoot centrefire but I will get one for sure. I was considering the Walther you mention plus the Ruger and also the Beretta 87. Not sure what I'll do yet as I am not ready to purchase but I hope to do so in the next year or so...Any thoughts on the matter to help me out?

As always, depends on your intended usage. The Walther is nice and compact for concealed carry and very reliable (for a rimfire). For me, I would choose the Ruger MK4 (much easier to take down and clean than previous versions and others). The Ruger is also has a little bit longer barrel and has lots of easy to upgrade additions for target/competition, which appeals to me as shown above. I'm a fan of Beretta 9mms, but not a lot of experience with their .22's. Browning Buckmark is another top choice, I have a Silouhette version and absolutely love it.

Everyone I ask usually always cites the Ruger as the go-to. I think my interest in the Beretta is simply a bid to be a little different than the rest. I guess the Ruger is tried and tested over years and with so many of them around there's a fair chance that anything I could want for it is available. The Walther may make me feel like 007 though...Doesn't he use a PPK? Lol.

Yes the PPK absolutely has the 007 cool factor, although his was a .380 to be fair. Again a great carry gun and I was actually pleasantly surprised at it's accuracy with that short of a barrel. It was head and head with the Ruger that had a longer barrel. The double action pull of the Walther was horrendous. Had to be like 6lbs. Way to heavy imho. The single action pull was very nice, didn't measure it, but would guess it at about 3.5 crisp and predictable. Beretta certainly a solid pick, but not sure if as many easy options, may require more custom work to tune.

I'd make a wacky 007, not a very cool one either, so maybe the Walther is not the way to go. :)

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