FX Impact 25 yards Rapid Fire Scope Cam

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Had a free afternoon to adjust the scope on my FX Impact PCP Air Rifle. Did some rapid fire scope cam video while getting it sighted in. I am still just amazed at the power and accuracy of this rifle. This is only 25 yards, but still impressive with most shots going into a group about the size of a pencil eraser.

Here is the setup, I like to shoot off the bench and bipod when sighting in and making adjustments to zero the scope. 25 yards from bench to box. The little squares are about an inch wide, and the little red dot the size of a pencil eraser.

Here is an example of how much bigger these .30 caliber pellets are. The picture doesn't do it justice. The standard .177 (BB gun) pellet weight is about 7.2 grains. In comparison, the .30 caliber weigh 50.15 grains. More than 5 times the size!

And here is the final target with 3-shot groups at each target. The one long string on the right was definitely me, not the rifle or pellets, but still very pleased with this performance. Pellets shown next to the targets for scale.

I find this both challenging and relaxing. Always striving for perfection and improvement, while still a great stress relief.



That's excellent .... .30 is a hefty size :-)

They do make some bigger ones but for me, this is the best balance of size, speed, trajectory and number of shots per fill for both target and the occasional pest/varmit dispatch. Other folks may have different needs.

You have the luxury living in Gods country... I have to go to a range to shoot a BB gun ... haha

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