Weird and tragic incident with Alec Baldwin and film crew

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Fatal shooting by actor Alec Baldwin at film set reported

A BBC news article just said, that actor Alec Baldwin has fataly shot Halyna Hutchins, 42, who was working as director of photography in his current Western movie production "Rust". Also the film's director Joel Souza, 48, was injured and had to receive emergency medical care in a hospital.

The incident happened on set during filming in New Mexico, in which Baldwin, the main character in the film, fired a prop gun.

My personal opinion: someone (accidently or intentionally remains to be seen) put live ammunition into the gun, instead of blanks. And Baldin relied on his staff that the gun was safe to fire, instead of checking himself as one always should do. A tragic mistake, and not the first time this happened during a film production, though it seems strange that they even have life ammunition on the set.
But this time - with a person killed - if will sure have serious ramifications, for Baldwin and for the production company. And may be even for work regulations on film sets over all.

[Source: BBC World News - ]

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