Xeroshoes - the only footwear I like

in shoes •  5 months ago


I don't like shoes! I would never wear shoes (except in cold winter), but there are many places that say "No shoes, No shirts, No service". So I need shoes and these are by far my favorite shoes ever. I just got my second pair of Xeroshoes sandals today. The first pair lasted about 18 months, not quite the 5000 miles that their garante states but for being used almost exclusively during that time I'm still happy. The only time I wear anything else on my feet is for weddings, funerals, baptisms or serious winter conditions.
These sandals are thin, flexible, comfortable and light weight. I love them!

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amazing shoes! A few month ago i made some for my self and they work amazing for running. where did you buy the sole? @experimentel

xeroshoes.com makes both DIY kits and readymade shoes. Check them out.

@curiouscoco they sure are for me! The only thing better is my foot without a shoe.