Shivom: Blockchain-Featured Digital Genomic Storage - This is a great project

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As it is known, 21st Century Technology has become a century and new technology developments are becoming more and more every day. There are new inventions. More effective and more technologically more comprehensive researches are being made against the diseases and very good results are emerging. The exit aim of the Shivom Project is also fully related to the topics I mentioned ...

The technology must be the greatest factor in the progress of globalization. We can be informed via internet sites or media channels within a short period of some of the scientific work done in America, Russia, Japan or any other country. For this reason, we are especially well aware of the rapid and exciting developments in the health sector in recent times. The health sector that offers us all the benefits that technology brings to us; Everyone knows that the detection made by devices such as advanced MR Devices, Tomography Devices, Laboratory Devices and so on contains very little margin of error and that technological improvements further reduce these error rates in doctors.

Unfortunately, there are diseases that can not be detected for the shu. In particular, it is possible to treat diseases that can not be treated due to DNA disorders, ie, diseases that can not be treated due to genetic disorders, but which have been searched for ... Shivom Project's most important event is DNA-coding. This will be a revolutionary invention. In short, the Shivom Project is a blockchain-featured digital genomic data repository that will unite DNA donors, scientists, the pharmacy industry and patients into a single ecosystem. This center and system will accelerate treatments for diseases and will contribute greatly to the understanding and humanity of those who donate DNA samples and will be instrumental in making possible the treatment of many diseases that can not be treated with this system.

Everybody saw how good and humanitarian the project was before the project ended. Thanks to the project, you can invest both knowing yourself and the future. The project received an investment of $ 32 Million and only $ 3 Million in Hardcap Targets.

Token Information:

Token Name: OMX
Token Price: 1 OMIX = 0.0903 USD (0.00014 ETH)
İCO Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Platform: Ethereum Based ERC-20
Soft Cap: 15,000 ETH
Hard Cap: $ 35 Million
investment: 32 Million Dollars (92%)

Links About Shivom

Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Web Site:
White Paper:
Bitcointalk ANN thread:
Bitcointalk Bounty thread:
Bitcointalk User name: PHI1618
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1071136


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