My Most Shitty Investments Challenge #1: Power On - Xecoin.

I was nominated by @nikosnitza to participate in @trumpman's My Shitty Investment Challenge, this is my entry.


Three years ago a friend who was involved in internet marketing recommended me an energy company (Power on) that had discovered a pioneering new generation technology in energy storage.


This company promised large energy storage in a very small volume of batteries, used by the US Army !!! It also promised a bio product that would grow a plant in just a few hours !!! And all these products would be related to the Xecoin cryptocurrency. With the purchase and sale of products being done only with Xecoin and the currency to acquire great value in the future.


The truth is that I was impressed by this supposed new generation technology and since my job is related to electricity I started to see positively an investment. Of course, the bio product that would do wonders with plants bothered me a lot, but unfortunately it was not enough to make me avoid the investment.
To start as a shareholder in the company Power on, had to pay at least $ 200 and the company promised 30% (or something) of the amount paid in Xecoin every month.
After two days of studying the company and the cryptocurrencies I made the decision to invest.
I paid $ 200 and gained access as a member to the company page, if I remember correctly the first two months went well and I received the share that corresponded to me, but then these scamers founders of the company disappeared, there was no access to the page and all the investments went lost.

Here are the shitty scammers.

After months, some people who allegedly bought the company and renamed it to blocknotes or something like that, promised that all investors would get their investments back, but they also turned out to be scamers.
The page of founders in facebook still exists, see here maybe you still manage to invest hoho! (laugh a lot)
This was my most shitty investment, an investment I lost $ 200 but it paved the way for me to learn about blockchain technology and since then I have overcome this lost investment by earning free money and investing in the right projects. So I'm ok.

These are the rules you need to keep in mind

  1. You have to share at least one shitty investment you have made in your life. One per post. There is no limit, share as many as you like. The more you share, the more we will laugh at your expense. WIN - WIN.
  2. An investment can be anything. Yeah, usually we think of stocks or crypto or financial products when thinking of investments. But we make investments, small or big, almost everyday. For example, it can be something like an expensive gym equipment you bought to get fit but never used ;)
  3. Since this is a financial related challenge, please use to publish your post(s). Remember, this will help you get more HIVE and LEO votes. Who doesn't want more free money?
  4. Nominate up to 3 people to participate in every of your posts
  5. If you are a social outcast with no friends to invite you, just join the fun without an invitation
  6. Use the tag "#shittyinvestments" as one of your tags for easy exposure!
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  8. Feel free to use @trumpman's original photo for your thumbnail :)

I challenge @zkalemiss, @r1s2g3, and @arrixion to share some of their shitty investments!

Thank you!

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