A night to relax

in shitpost •  14 days ago


It's my last night of "vacation". All is well with the grandson and momma/family. The temp is around 0 and the fire is burning in the barn. Time for a couple cold ones and some relaxation time.

And I'm still waiting for my coins to come from Apmex! More on that story tomorrow.

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Also, reach out when you get a minute and let’s talk silver on discord. I have some steem right now.


Will do. I contact you tonight.

Glad the fam is well. Sad the cube calls. But excited you will be back in discord land. ☺️


Adulting sucks. See you on discord in a little bit.

Hey VG, glad to hear the fam is well. Enjoy this meme


Very motivational. 😂😂😂

Also... this lamp is better. 2CCF549E-BD05-4A3B-8E1B-72BA98C273AD.jpeg


That is a pretty sweet lamp. If it was only pooping. Lol

Looks like that dog just had a bright idea! 🤣


I need this lamp in my life. 😂

Enjoy you last day!

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