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Alas, poor Yorick! by damienbaumgart

If that's the question, answer is simple. Go post and mock about it.

I've been reading about these changes, a lot. One of the good side of this VP drain is we finally have a stagnant, peaceful feed. I'm clicking trending and everyone talking about common problems, I can see two witness' post and a sale about SP delegation. That's the freaking feed I wanted to see all the time. However it's not going to be like this, we possibly have 1 or 2 more days like that. Then bid-bots going to be recharged. Unfortunately it's not called spam when steem riches does it.

Sad part is most of those "influencers" just focusing on the positive outcomes as always, it's kinda what they have to do but c'mon guys c'mon not this time, yeah it's going to cut the spam (or we think it's spam) while it's going to cut the guys who just trying to engage, new to the community, who doesn't know what to do around here, experimenting things like nonsense, one line comments or like me they are trying to be the part of the conversation with their limited english so cut it short. You are going to be targeted by resteem bots because they have the rights ($$), witnesses going to spam your wallets ($$) of course the bid-bots :) one amazing investor attractors...

The biggest change included in this update is that our previous bandwidth system will be replaced with a more accurate and efficient “Resource Credit” system. In another post we explained in detail how the RC system will further Steem’s lead as the most advanced freemium blockchain in the world.

First time I saw it's called freemium in here, which instantly irritated me. Bad news is you don't know what freemium is, ok I got it you used "mana" you played some RPG but you are far away from game strategy. Freemium model means you are free to play, in this case you are free to join which is untrue. You gotta pay. You should be free to use the service, in this case again false. You gotta pay. So it makes it premium service. I paid $500 to be able to write this post freely, I got extra leased delegation makes it total of 1300 SP which is like $1k let me comment 20 times a day. What? So it makes it directly premium and a little bit high-end product while you are not promising anything but dreams. Oh let's get back to freemium model, yeah in freemium model you are free to use the service as it is, you just only pay for extra/additional services like if you give massage while I was writing this post it would be a freemium service to charge for but NOPE no one busy with relaxing my muscles.

After all those posts I finally see one from stellabelle, which I invite you to read and follow what she does.
^ sorry for the tag

An already active user is literally forced to pay right now, to be able to continue his journey with steem. Many people thinks it's great, everybody going to invest in steem and prices go to the moon, let's even if that happens, if you look at the number we have like 60k active steem users. If all of them buys 500 and power up, makes it how much? IDK I don't even bother to calculate, it's no way near to the moon. And then what? Tomorrow 500SP won't be enough? Next 1K, how do you know you can catch this trend?

(my initial thought was just to leave it like a spam post but it wouldn't be clear enough.)

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I believe that this change can bring more focus to individual apps on the blockchain. Until now, most of the people got their accounts from Steemit for free. Though, the account was never free to create in the first place. Now the apps have or can have more responsibility in making new accounts and caring about them.

I would say that most people freaked out because mana (RC, voting mana) was reset to zero or close to it and suddenly they felt that there is no place for them. The biggest mistake that happened was the presence of some critical bugs that caused the "chaos" and not everything worked as expected. On the other hand, we did not see the full stabilization of the costs and instead the resources will be increased so that tiny accounts are usable.


That's a good point but my pessimist side is telling that apps and stakeholders can easily use this power/ability to abuse the system. Or increase their ROI by every way they find. They may use it for mass adoption or they may just create their own spam army. Let's say an account can post 10 times a day after creation, they can create 1000 of them and we are back to zero while forbidding the real human users.

About the price, I kinda disagree because those accounts didn't bought by Steemit, it was just a lend. They lend 15 SP and spent some creation fee and that's it. Maybe just undelegating after a time period was an easier, painless solution.

I think the drain wasn't unexpected, I would appreciate a warning like "Don't use your VP, 24 hours before the HF, it may cause a drain" Well, thank you stinc I'll try not to use it.

Oh and a shoutout to dApp owners who's going to create accounts, make a google search about "disposable phone numbers", all of those public numbers are used to create accounts with Steemit's faucet, now every number is a potential dozens of accounts through dApps.


Even if it was just delegated SP it still means that the creator had to have the SP in the account. Anyway, the blockchain is influenced by the stake everyone holds. The previous system did not prevent anything you talk about.

I don't deny that the transition wasn't smooth. Having none of those bugs may have a different impact on the users although the action cost is quite high and for some unreachable.

Everyone can/could create a new account in one way or another. Are you talking about the fact that there is no prevention of creating accounts for potentially malicious purposes?


Last paragraph was just a heads-up for the ones who'll build an account creation service. Possibly those numbers going to be used to create accounts through these service. So yes they need to keep this in mind when they are spending their precious RCs.

BTW I'm not saying this approach is bad, it just prices are too high. I wouldn't mind the VP drain, I'm not losing much without voting but I don't want to limit myself to comment x times a day.It suppose to be a social network, where people easily interact. I don't wanna run out of comments in the middle of a discussion.

it was a difficult few days for users. And as a witness i must take responsibility and say that we made a number of serious mistakes.

I do think now that things have settled some, the situation for users has improved, but there is a lot more we can and will do to make steem awesome.


And I have no doubts on that, I know you are helping minnows (& whole community) as possible as you can.
Also appreciated the donation in the meantime. I'm still waiting for this 10x bonus to be set back, things going to be more clear then.