Just Keep Steeming

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I've said it once, I've said it twice, I'll say it now and I'll most probably keep saying it in the future:

Just keep Steeming.

If you are here to post, comment, curate and socialise, just keep doing it. You don't need to get all worked up about the noise around you, just keep doing you. Unless you are a witness or invested majorly, then maybe you do need to get worked up and actually do something, and I am grateful you exist. But if you are just the average user with not much power anyways, just keep living the Steemit life. I think the worst thing is to just stop. We've gotten through a lot here and those who are truly interested and passionate are still here after the years of rollercoaster, all worth it in my opinion!

I obviously know nothing about complicated blockchain technology and the in's and out's of this messed up business with Tron, so you don't have to listen to me, I'm just making an uneducated comment based on my experience on Steemit for almost 3 years.

I was supposed to have a Steemit-free day but here is am, making a post. God damn it. I just can't resist this place, even when it's all messed up, 404 page not found for hours and unable to log in. I just keep coming back.

Steemit is like that fuck boy who you can't tame but keep trying to, despite your better judgement.


You are definitely correct my friend. This will pay off eventually! No way but to go up! <3

I usually am 😝 jk. We’ll see what happens 😁

Woman this pretty can't be wrong! the universe will implode if so! :D

Thahahhaha I'm gonna let you in on a secret, women are wrong, all the time 😂😂not me obviously.

Noooooo!!! :O That is not possible? How can a woman be wrong?!
My mom is right all the time and blames my father for everything!
My brain cannot process this information!!!!! :D

Moms are not wrong either, not your own at least, other moms can be.

Dude! My mom says she's right even when she is NOT! There is no '' I'm wrong '' part in her skull I'm assuming! :D

Ps. This might not work as it seems to be really hard to do anything on the blockchain right now. Oh well.

Human contact, hello! Welcome! Nice to see ya!

Hello human lol nice to meet you 🤝🍻 !BEER

Lol yeah definitely hits the spots that keep you coming back! The promises of a price hike like sweet nothings in your ears ..

Stack that SP!

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Haha, that has never been something I’ve really listened to much. The markets do what they do, I don’t put much faith in any. But yeah stack a little 🤓

Just testing to see it I can comment.
I agree that we should just keep doing as we are doing but with what is going down with Justin and the power play I think we will all have to make a choice one way or the other pretty soon.
You picked the wrong day to take a day off.

Glad to be the test subject for your comment, read you loud and clear.

You telling me, why does this always happen when I try to lay low for a day, always some major drama! 😂 We’ll see how it goes, I’m sure we’ll still have a place to be ourselves, whether it’s this steemit or some new one.

Different landscape, same show...

People around here tend to be a bit myopic; this kind of "rewards" community has been around for 20-odd years, and every. single. one. has gone down in flames, sooner or later. Blockchain-schmockchain... we're talking about human nature here.

So yeah, I'm totally with you... let's just enjoy the show while it's still fun!

I know it’s easy to get attached to the idealistic view of the blockchain, especially in case of Steemit, but I for one think it’s a utopia. People are people and money is money, no matter how you try to paint them in a new light.

"Steemit is like that fuck boy who you can't tame but keep trying to, despite your better judgement." - The stories I could tell.... :P


Girrrrlll you and me both 😂😅

We'll need to fork now, migrate all the apps and leave Justin with his ghost town if that's what he wants.

starts packing

uu what should I wear, I think I’ll need a new outfit for the occasion!

God damn it, I'm glad you can't resist lol.

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