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in #shitpost4 years ago

So I can freely shitpostig here now.

What a relief.

Although I'm not totaly sure will I will be using this place.

A few hours after the fork and I can imedialty notice the diference. Its buzzzing in the hive and here not as much.

May do some crosposting in the future, but I can see that Hive will be much more fun and where the people will be.



Ready, set, reward mine!

So are we free to #shitpost and buy upvotes again??

Its an anarchy :)

I'm not sure why, but my first attempted post to Hive showed up on Steem instead. ha. I think it's because of the keychain extension?

Maybe ... I post with my posting key.
Waiting for the official Hive Keychain.

:) No offense. I just want to have some value as I power down and out of this ...

Lol ... I may bring some in the coming days :)

I think compiling some data for the activity on the both chains will be interesting at this point.

It would be great.

Viva la shitposts!

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