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in shithole •  9 months ago


Yes, there really are "s#!thole countries". Living under those conditions-- created almost exclusively by States-- can definitely have a negative effect on the ethics and intelligence of the population (but that has zero to do with the rights the people there have). Government has consequences.

Pointing this out is honest, but not very nice. And it isn't racism. Denying it is statism, though.

I'll have more to say about this in a few days.


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Governments live in the riches comfortable and people dead starve

Seems difficult for me to understand though . . . but i think that cryptocurrency has come in to change such living conditions and offer financial freedom to anyone that embraces it.


It will help, but governments will still always violate life, liberty, and property-- wherever they are allowed to exist.


You're absolutely right on that, i got your point clearly.

Really @dullhawk you have pointed out a serious issue .......Liked your writting followed you sir hope to see more such intresting post in future ......Steemon

At this point, it just feels like Trump is purposely trolling leftists. A trigger for you, a trigger for you, a trigger for everybody.