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NEO is the true shitcoin

do you really think neo is also a shitcoin? please tell me why u think so? i thought of it as a good investment till now?

@jatinkkalra - I also think it's a great investment if you are a long term holder. Patience will definitely pay off..

You said right brother I also did not understand why he said that neo is a shitcoin

neo is china based coin. it is not shit coin at all. it is best time to enter it now.

Neo is far from a shitcoin, if neo is a shitcoin that god only knows what kind of coin steem is...

@madstacks both Neo and Steem are good potential coins. They are good at their own technology. So we cannot call them as shit coins.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's doing barely any transactions per day. Nobody is using it and there is no pattern of growth.

Steem is doing from 1.3 to 1.8 million transactions per day. Depending on how you measure it, it's doing from 18 to 90 times the usage of NEO. If you remove ALL transactions except for transfers, Steem would still be doing 2-3 times as many transactions as NEO.

sir, do u really think that coin's valuation is only based on transaction per hour or per day. i think it is necessary but it is not the decider of valuation of coin. because when bitcoin price is at its peak at that time transaction taking 4 times longer.

How many people are using it and how much is the key to value in systems based upon network effect.

@demotruk the value not only come from numbers of transaction or usage,involve many factors,1) Demand,2) Concept,3) Usage,4) Infrastructure,5) Big Community,6) Active admin.Neo have that and more

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@demontruk @trasteandolinux only that was my point.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Any value coming from those other factors would come to be seen in rising usage. Lack of usage (despite plenty of time) is an indication that the perceived value from other factors is illusory.

Imagine a car company produced a brand new car, which was really popular on online forums, there was speculation on the company's stock and even dealers purchasing the car to sell, had great innovative ideas and features... but within 2 years nobody was buying the car to drive themselves. It would mean that the car wasn't really as good as they thought, it would mean they are missing something.

@demotruk If that were applicable to all the crypto, why dogecoin does not raise in value Dogecoin have more transactions than Bitcoin Cash,


Dont buy that...many steem transactions are from people who have not invested a penny in steem, how many people are reaching into their wallet and buying Steem with their local currency? Since most steemit signups are from third world countries - probably not many,

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That's total (ie. lifetime) transaction count. Steem has done more transactions in the last 2 weeks than NEO has done lifetime.

@demotruk show the grafics and data from transactions steem blockchain

@demotruk its nice grafic but dont show any information about the source,example my data come from

The source is in the post I linked. They are queries to steemsql, which is a SQL Server replication of data on Steem blockchain.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@Screenshot (2).pngdemotruk

Not sure how that chart contradicts what I wrote.

@demotruk Only show the activity from neo blockchain,you can show me data from steem blockchain.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Check out @arcange's posts for Steem blockchain activity.

The argument is a non-sequitur at best because you're missing the big picture. Since 2014 $NEO has been successfully building out an infrastructure that will support 10's if not 100's of thousands of Steemits of the world. Sure, $STEEM is one nice building but #NEO owns the whole continent.

Neos legit dw


images (1).jpeg


@noorsamad How much it will hit this Year ??
Any Idea ??

Hopefully, it will break its previous record of 20K$

I don't hope for that at all. That would probably require misery for hundreds of millions if not billions of people so that a handful of btc wallets can have more theoretical wealth in fiat terms.

@noorsamad I think it is hit aware ATH and of year and it is last dip

I hope it will be on moon soon

hodl till the doc is coming

The system needs bigs online retails that accepts cryptos like any other payment method.....Amazon, BestBuy, NewEgg (already has), Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, GAP, etc... that inject trust, especially fresh money and of course that most of the people adopt the technology, not for speculation exclusively (probably 95%), but for the advantages it embeds.


Sir crypto is UP what are u saying.Bitcoin is up $6,177.57 USD (4.70%).

it's "down" for all the wage slaves and /biz/tards that bought in when BTC was at 20k

Do you really think that neo is a shitcoin ?

Please share your view about my question...Do u really think neo is a shitcoin??

very intresting and funny...

Bitcoin will rise again and almost double it's ATH before the end of 2018.Mark my words. interesting way to represent it

haha nice one mate do you really think neo is also a shitcoin?

i will use it


Lol underrated comment.

crypto coin is a long term investment plan wait and watch be carefully

@steem.lo what's about XRP I'm holding more than you really think that XRP is a shitcoin!

Even i am holding 2500 xrp bought at the rate of 1.01$.

  ·  2 years ago (edited) , sir according to u how many time shit coin give profit in a year?

BCN # Doge

What is the defination of shit coin ? Most of the people says that ripple xrp is also a shit coin however it got real time usages in banking industry. Same in the case of tron. Even i got huge loss in ripple and tron but I still believe in them do you ?? none of the coins mentioned here are shit coins . Just a matter of time and they will boom again , currently market is testing our patience . What do you think about this ?

Very heavy load bag. But i think next month All alt coin go to moon

Very heavy load
Bag. But i think next month All
Alt coin go to moon

                 - cryptoforex0

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

  ·  2 years ago (edited) do you really think Tron & Neo both are shit coin, others all i can agree with you. but really Tron & Neo in the shitcoin line..?? can you please explain me? i am holding both since 24-Dec, 2017..

Gas as a crypto is shit.

And you are a shit person when you let out gas at a dinner time.

Sir realy good throught ....I like me...!!

I think for investing ... Can i invest in this.. ???

with so many coins i also Don't know which are real shits

Which r u prefer most? hiee,, i have a iungo coin,, is it also a shit coin... Can you suggest me, i hold it But, you know sometime shitcoin gives you heavy profit.

Almost all of the crypto market is down, long term I am not worried, been through this before. I am looking for real world application for (all) coins. The biggest use right now is store of value. But I want to buy and sell real things with it.

neo if not good. sir which you prefer good coin in long term? Pls tell....

yes chain coin is shit coin but neo give me good profit

i have 60% loss in trx :( same as that i have 30000 trx holding but price is down always down you have trx or neo coin???

haha lol NEO :p the whole china will comment now :P

Are u ok?Is it possible?How it shitcoin?I don't understand.Please go to hospital and talk to a doctor. I holding Neo coin past 6 month, I never expect neo can dump 30$.. everybody talking about neo technology I think also #neo have special and superb technology than why not growing up neo..plz tell me any reason?

Do You think all cryptocurruncies and block hain system shit?Yes or No what happn with bitcoin.. Sugg. any coin for good profit do u really think it has any bright future in coming days in marketting industry? plz elaborate

Hahaha u should add xvg

what about Digibyte? Do you think it's a shitcoin? should i buy it?

AAAAAA BRAND why are you saying new digibyte is shit coin give me proof if u have everyone saying it is a good future of crypto ?

There are a lot more to this list than represented on here!

@nuoctuong i think Sia coin is one of them

Don't worry friends all these altcoin will be sky rocketing soon, these all are top coins.
Please don't lose patience and hope. sir do u think caedano (ada) is good project to hold ?

The power within our crypto

I really dont care about shit coins and good coins..
i have no soft corner for any coin. i just need to make money from crypto thats it..
I think everyone should just look for their profit only.

I hear running estimates of 1,600 coins out there. Assuming a 90% shitcoin qualification, that's 1400 and those weights would be a lot heavier for this guy.

is tron a shit coin? what about partnership between alibaba and tron?

Nice. I think all cryptocurrency is in balanced form, i had tron, neo and dash. do not sale before December 2018.

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There are a lot of shitcoins out there, and more coming in all the time!

Yea, I agree! I think he is one of the good ones. He said he'd give it all away once he actually has the sub tokens. That's a shit ton of money to give away just to comfort the people watching your videos. I think he's serious about being fully transparent I don't think he's accepting money to change his opinions.

Neo is not a shit coin. If you are voting NEO as a shit coin this means that you are not aware of NEO technology. kindly review you decision.

yup poor Neo relegated

I think.after releasing maimnet tron will boom into 1$ they just announced some secret project in July. please don't said that tron is shit very gud coin but supply is very high but they burn 1billion coin this June. please add electronium also in shitcoin list.

Tron eh?

Tron is a shit coin, tron dont do anything just sit there, and too many of it.

Well I'm convinced.

load up on the so called shitcoins, market could have just bottomed what do you think neo will hit 2000$ by the end of this year!???

can you tell me pump and dump coin list ?
and when market will recover ?
i spent in market more than $10000...

In bull market Tron and digibyte had given multiple returns to investor.but now in bear market all altcoin whether it's ETh, EOS, LTC or bitcoin cash etc all are at year low. So here fault is not their it's only panic situation which has created sell off in each n every crypto currency

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Really surprise to see Tron and NEO in the bag Both the project has good future. How many are agreed? Pleases comment & support......

Neo may be overtake eth next few years what is this

very dangerous, Bitmain’s Mining Pools Now Control Nearly 51 Percent of the Bitcoin Hashrate.

Neo is not a shitcoin as also suggested by cliff high

not shit coins some are good

This picture is telling the power of the coin

Why holding? Release .... and Relax.... and Rest.... could you guide me? Which coin i should buy for short term basis?

The rage is real lol

A lot of these I don't see as a shit coins, but some are definitely more of a fairy tale than reality. Lets see how trons mainnet switch goes...If eos had issues, i'm sure tron will have issues in the coming days. are u still love cryto ?

Now is the time to assemble bags and bags of the best, complaining is not an option but a waste for everyone. Good luck in your choices for a possible bull market.

Nice one


Wait and keep patient. Every crypto will go to moon shortly., I don't believe NEO, DGB, and Tron are shit coins LOL!

Haha, this is funny

I stand with Bitcoin; 24 hrs.

do you think neo is shitcoin? prove that if you are sure? because we want to avoid oureslves from loss. I dont agree this post i think market is on downside bitcoin is crashed due to this all market is bloody. when market in green zone all altcoin will recover because their team, concept & plateforms much better specially NEO & EOS . if you agree with me please comment on it

Wooh STK is a shitcoin???
Thanks for sharing this.

Nice editing .....super saddy moment..!!

I have no patience for neo.

it is waste of time and money

AGI surprised me how it's performed (or lack of) - great team, great concept and they have a prototype, partnerships not only with Hanson Robotics but also Deep brain chain DBC.

Sure it's been a bear market for Q1 and Q2, but this thing hasn't even kicked up for a pullback. Speculators nightmare AGI is - ticks all the boxes for both FA and TA but hugs the valley like a worm.

Maybe people watched Space Odessy, iRobot and The Terminator too much? sir pls tell how you can say this coin is shit? neo coin best coin but markets condition not favourable with neo coin then fall below own lowest point

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