Ships log 2019

in ships •  20 days ago

Got the new windmill up ...
2018 was a little rough my tool trailer got broken into ...The even made off with my new 200 lb anchor .. hope they pulled a muscle on it ...
Huge storm a week ago 100 kmh winds..20181222_140308.jpg

Ok guess i will stop here just noticed my phone is uploading the pics sideways ...any thoughts out there as to why it might be doing this .. they are all the right way in the phones gallery ..

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Wow, they stole an anchor. That's like stealing a sofa.

For your phone, tried using software to correct it? Like rotating it? Looks like its set to shoot landscape pictures, which is why it looks sideways.


Looks fine while on the phone ..but will try flipping it ..ya and my genetator tools .. chop saw ..small wood stove it on the security cam but to poor of quality to get a good pic ..