hlo everyone steemit frndss i am hemant soni AT -shilised lake

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The lake is at a distance of about 10 Km from Alwar City. One has to take a diversion of 4 Km on a narrow road towards right on the way to Sariska Tiger Reserve. It is quite a big Lake surrounded by hills. There was sufficient water in the Lake for enjoying boating. The RTDC Hotel Lake Palace is situated on one edge of the Lake and view of the Lake from there is breathtaking. A lot of garbage was floating near the edges of the Lake and needs cleaning. The lower floors of the hotel seem to be in an urgent need of repair as lots of shrubs and trees were found growing out of the walls which may even endanger the building. The entry ticket of Rs. 50 to the lake entitles one to a coffee/a cold drink or a water bottle from the restaurant at the Lake. Overall a beautiful place not to be missed.!

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