Happy birthday Sprat!

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A little something for my favourite sibling's birthday.

I wanted to colour it but I left it late because I'm clever like that XD

This post also appears on my blog and deviantART.

You know I wasn't even going to post this here but some of my steemates seem to like my stupid comics XD

Also if anyone somehow manages to remember fyn & Sprat's Magnificent Melbourne Misadventures (link to my blog coz bugger trying to find posts on here) the Aunty L in this comic is different from the Aunty L in Melbourne Misadventures.

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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I bet you're an awesome sister and I doubt your younger sister can draw better than you, as you tend to underestimate yourself.

No matter what, I love your style and overall uniqueness.

Keep being the awesome you that you are and please continue sharing your comics! :>)



She can totally draw better than me! She can actually draw from scratch for starters, I can't XD (nothing decent anyway, just these stupid comic things, all my drawings are done off my 3d bases as my 3d is better than my 2d). And I mean just look at all these XD

And I don't mind at all, that was totally my aim when I taught her the basics at however old we were at the time, and it was awesome watching her improving in leaps and bounds over the ages :)

I shall merrily keep comicking when ideas happen, I still can't believe people enjoy them so much XD

I'm glad you like my styles :D


Perhaps you should take all these compliments as a sign that you are pretty good at this stuff ;>)

P.S. I tried to make computer games as a teenager but I sucked at programming. 5 to 10 years later, at the age of 11 or 12, my younger brother started making computer games with a free to download programme called Gamemaker. Less than a decade later ( in 2010 ) one of his games - released to the world for free - was such a success that he's now able to retire ( if he would choose to do so ) at the age of 28.

What is it with these younger siblings? Following in our footsteps and trampling us, haha! :>)


Accepting compliments is still a work in progress but I think I'm hiding a lot less now XD

I'm getting to a stage of feeling a bit more comfortable posting these longer things but I'm still uncomfortable about doing one shot comics (1-3 frames usually), as around the time where I was just starting to do them there was a lot of fuss being made about shitposting and anger towards people who were perceived as shitposting to maximise autovotes. As I'm on a few people's autovote I managed to internalise this and decide that the shenanigans comics were shitposts, and I still feel that way even though it would appear I'm in the minority ^_^;

an idea for a one shot was born earlier while I was checking dA so I'll see if I have the time, energy and courage to post it later

Ability to retire at 28 is pretty good, that would be have been absolutely perfect for me and in fact has been all I wanted for the past ages (well more specifically all I want is my project to be the main source of income so JJ can retire), but seeing as I don't do games or tv shows it's pretty much an impossible dream XD

What a lovely and cute gift it is. I love it when somebody gifts you something that makes some sense in the relations and is personal, unlike a formal birthday present from a gift shop. Thanks for sharing. I'll also try to make something like this for my sister's birthday! ;)


Glad you enjoyed it :D Totally should do something amusing like this for your sister's birthday, she'll love it XD

I was the youngest: so I know how your sis feels having a mean upgoat sister...Just jokes, I bet your a great older sis! Pass on HapPy BiRthday!!


🤣 did your older sibs billy you? I probably did bully her without realising it sometimes (because kids are generally ignorant for a while) but we’re besties now 😆

I told her there were lots of comments happening here so she’ll probably read at some stage 🙃

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A really touching and beautiful surprise to find this. In this day and age it id so rare to find this sort of thing. What you have done is way more valuable and is the best present you could have given. A personalised story showing your true bond. Thanks for sharing this.


I’m glad you enjoyed it 😄

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What an original birthday present!
This can be a picture book.!
I have two daughters, 5 years apart, and all your illustrations and the evolution of feelings among you and your sibling made me think about my daughters. Their love-hate relationship corresponds to the siblings rivalry theory and has provided plenty of laughs and plenty of headaches too.


Hehe thanks ^_^ It doesn't meet my ridiculous standards for a picture book, not to mention I'd have to remember how to lay out a book as I've gotten used to just doing excessive vertical strips XD

I remember spending a lot of time trying to figure out this sibling rivalry thing, wondering how to avoid it, if it had something to do with age gap. A friend of mine was surprised that I get on so well with my sister now (and have done since I was in high school), she said she's 4 or 5 (or maybe it was 6 I can't remember) years older than her youngest sibling and they barely speak, she gets on okay with the one closest in age XD

After having my own kids and spending a bit of time trying to stop them from fighting, after a point I realised that it's one probably really efficient way to learn how to resolve disputes (with some tools provided as situations come up from us) and leave them to it XD Did you encounter a similar thing? :)

Hahaha. This is so good. Love your picture stories and I hope your sister has/had a lovely birthday!


Thanks! I'm glad you still like my ongoing silliness ;D From the photos it looks like it was pretty good and she texted me at shortly after midnight my time to say it had run quite late so must have had a good one XD

Hahaa, very nice! There's eight years between my brother and I too, but because my sister was in the middle of us I'd already been through the baby attention hog thing, along with the 'she smacked me' 'she pinched me' 'she's staring at me' thing and he was my little sweetheart :)


Thanks 😄 Naw 😄 there’s just the two of us and I only really struggled with what little me saw as her being favoured, had no way of knowing/didn’t really understand that she was still learning all this stuff I already knew. Guess by the second time round you would have been old hat at this 😆

This is such a sweet and touching post <3333. Both of you are so precious in how you relate to each other, and the way you told your life story together, it warms my heart (which is great because it's quite a cold morning here). A very wonderful present, can't think of a better one actually ... ah I should clean my room, it's getting dusty here.

Happy birthday Sprat ^_^.


Aww thanks, glad it helped warm you up on a cold morning 😆 (it was a bit cool here to but not cold and it still got warm when I walked doggo).

Yes clean your dusty room 🤣

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So cute, ryry :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPRAT !!! I will have to also tell her happy bday at Discord, eh? :D :D :D

You are such a gorgeous sister, too XD I really like how you encouraged sprat to keep on going ... so precious <3 OMG~

Congrats for curie, too <3


Thanks and thanks, the curies always surprise me especially on the comic shenanigans coz I’M NOT WORTHYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH 🤣

Tell her for sure, they apparently had a holiday today but I have no idea when she’ll be online.

She is now better at drawing than me and she totally became a net head like me too 😆

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Awww this is so sweet! Happy Birthday Sprat!


Thanks 😆 I’ll pass on your wishes but I think she’ll probably read here too 🙃

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Awww such a lovely and cute piece you have in there. Your illustrations are so so cute to watch and i thing this is one of the cutest birthday present i have ever seen around the blockchain. I enjoy every thing in there


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


You are humbly welcome

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What a beautiful birthday gift. It's a pretty original idea. I think I'll copy it to make a similar gift someday.

Aw such a sweet way to celebrate a birthday @ryivhnn I haven't a clue what it means to have a sibling born after you (as I am the youngest) though I am very close in age and friendship with my niece who is only three years younger than I am and I have a slight hazy memory of holding her as a baby when I was three, but that she cried and I cried and that was all I recall of the 'baby years'. :)


Depending on your personality type can be kinda tough I guess as you go from being the only/youngest to...not XD Perhaps it was the closeness in age but I'm pretty sure my kids handled additional siblings a lot better than I did :) My daughter in particular is a little mother hen, which was something I had to kind of grow into (I was always the more playful rather than nurturing type as far as dealing with children went, I'm too old and tired and cranky to be playful now sadly XD)

Bahahahaaaa awww her crying and you crying, sounds like a thing that might happen with a toddler and a baby, and still sounds adorable XD

My partner has a similar kind of thing where he's not really that much younger than one of his youngest aunties in the grand scheme of things. And it's much less awkward than having an uncle that's younger than you (apparently a situation a friend of a school friend was in) XD

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