Have you got any BTC?

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Sometimes at work I like to ask the slaves if they have any Bitcoin, and when they say no, I always ask them why. Just now I asked a guy whilst he was getting on his motorbike and he told me that he has none and I had to ask him why..

"I don't trust it" he said!

I had to ask him if he trusts the banks and said, "yes, and why shouldn't I?"..
I just laughed at that.

Well my conclusion is that we still have a lot of accumulation time ahead of us

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Banks are failing, how can he trust them, people are really blind, they don't get money... banks and gov have been buttfucking us since 1971 when Nixon took the dollar out of the gold standard... Deutsche bank is already starting to collapse, when it finally goes down it will take the whole world with it and anyone with any uncorrelated assymatrical asset like BTC will cry because their "money" that was stored in their bff "the bank" will be worth just as much as the paper toilet I use to clean my ass...

We are so lucky aren't we!!

we're paying high taxes to save deutsche Bank

I'd like to see the domino fall

Nooo, let's hodl on a little while longer, we need to buy more BTC and other asset xD

Buy silver, alcohol, cigarettes, toilet paper (the masses will shit themselves) and get urself bees!!

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Actually not a bad idea... bad times probably increase the alcohol and cigarette consumption, and silver from what I heard is even more scarce than gold.

And silver is completely undervalued

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yes silver is much more scarce than gold! Plus theres an asteroid which will be mined in the future future future and it has 90 trillion usd worth in it hahaha

Do you stack metal too @teutonium?

A Gold Asteroid? Noice

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Nope, I stack the only true scarce asset... BTC xD But maybe in the future I might go for some gold and gold dividend stocks

Maaan! We are due a solar flare in our lifetime. And you know what? Walking into a shop and swapping cash paper money for pure silver is just a wicked feeling and silver is too cheap not to start stackin!

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Hey man, bring as many packets of organic tabaco like manitou that you can and i give you 8 euros a pack! Lets fuck the tax man over hahahahaha :P I got wild bees that live in the cabin wall hahah

Lol 8€??

How expensive is tobacco for you?

Nice! Bees are cool :]

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Yeh man here is 20 euro a pack!

Just bought a pack; 30g tobacco for 4,6€

you fucker!!! ahhahah nur vitz :)

I don't trust the banks either.

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Cant be long now!

Ask ten random folks on the street about bitcoin. They may not "trust" it but nine out of ten will know what it is. That is a huge leap by itself.

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Hi digi! Its just sad that they have mostly only heard bad properganda on it 😂

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This is great news that we have a lot of accumulation time!! Thanks for asking "why".

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