Test the natural sharpening stone from the Crete Island.

in #sharpening2 years ago

Hello folks,
last months I have gained an interest in sharpening knives and axes.
I have watched various ways and techniques, one of the best ways of sharpening is with the natural sharpening stone from the Crete Island Greece.
In recent days I was looking for this natural stone but I could not find it, however today I found it.


Here, this stone called: Ladakono (oil+sharpener) because works better with oil.

So immediatly I started the tests.
I use w40 oil but you can use a thin oil.


I started with an axe.
I put the axe with 30° bevel on the stone, I started movements back and forth also some circular movements.



Finally the result is almost perfect.

Thank you for stopping by

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