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Hello Sharpayers!

Would you like to hear a simple answer to the question "Why do regular cryptocurrency fans need share buttons"? To build your own cryptocurrency portfolio for free! Just share interesting content with your friends on social networks from different sites and Telegram channels that have share buttons installed.

Here's an example. Just 2 months ago (in May 2020), a regular user shared some content from some interesting Telegram channel, which has our “smart share” buttons with blockchain rewards. Several hundred of his subscribers followed this link. In a couple of days, the user received just over 50 LEND tokens ( for sharing and organic visits. At that time, it was just under $2.

On July 20, the user wanted to withdraw these 50 LEND from his wallet in the system to his personal ETH address. To do this, he created a withdrawal request. We remember that 2 months ago it was about $2. We do not track how fast different cryptocurrencies are growing or whether they are growing. But in our system, the minimum withdrawal amount in most cases is equivalent to $10. We began to check why this withdrawal request was generated, if technically it should have been outside the limit. And what do you think we saw? We saw that in 2 months the LEND token has grown almost 10 times, so 50 LEND were requested for withdrawal, equivalent to $17 at that time! Of course, his transaction was immediately accepted and he received tokens:

Cool, isn't it? Free cryptocurrency partfolios from ;)

The same buttons are located below this post in our Telegram channel ( and in our blog ( Just share this post with your subscribers and get your rewards from CoinMarketCap's TOP 100 cryptocurrencies list.

Or are you a webmaster? Contact to install share buttons on your Telegram channel and website.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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