Could we start a sharing economy with physical products?

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Hello, I would really like to start a discussion about how could a regular company give a share of the profits to its own customers every time they buy a product and even reward them when more people buy those same products, like the new sharing economies people are talking about in the cryptocurrency world. 

This is something that has been on my mind for around 10 years and I think we're getting closer to the time that we can make this happen. 

The thing is, that every time a customer buys a product the company that sold it had a profit on it, and wouldn't it be fair to give that same customer a share on the profits, but not only on that particular sale because that would be the same as giving him a discount. But giving that same customer a share on the profits of all future sales. Like if he had gotten a share of the company and so he now deserved a tiny piece of future profits. 

I'm currently reading steemit whitepaper and they have come up with fabulous ways to share on the profits of this social media platform, and couldn't we do the same with physical products that are being bought and sold in retail stores around the world? 

Imagine that buying a Shampoo would give you a cryptocurrency worth X and that collecting that, entitled you to collect some more coins from anyone anywhere buying that same product (or the company's) wouldn't you buy that particular brand time after time, and even recommend it to others? And if you do recommend it, wouldn't it be great if they compensated you in some way? 

I think about these things because I do have a company that manufactures and sells products through retail stores, and currently I sell to around 2,300 stores countrywide within Mexico. Of course I have some profits in every sale, and I do think I owe my customers a little more than just the product they got for the price they paid. But I believe we would need to find a way to inexpensively and securely "attach" an altcoin to the physical product, so that when people buy it, they could "scan a QR" (or whatever) and get hold of that altcoin and then keep receiving profits of the company after they have redeemed it (or proofed the purchase). 

Also, I think it is very interesting to think that Altcoins tend to appreciate when they have a sound business model behind them and a good execution of the company or whatever, and what I'm trying to say is that maybe if I'm giving 5% of the price of the product in Bitcoin, maybe today that would be 0.2 Bitcoins which might me worth lets say $100 but by the time of purchase, those 0.2 Bitcoins could be worth $300 or more, so could you imagine a scenario in which by buying a product and proving you purchased it, you could get it for free? Or even get more money than what the product actually costs? 

I believe the company wouldn't care if today it attaches $5 in value to its product and in 1 year of shelf life, that cryptocurrency is worth $20 or more... The company still paid only those $5 because it was the value it attached to the product in the moment of manufacturing. But imagine the sales it would generate if the older the product, the more it would be worth... People would hunt those products down wherever they might sell. 

What I have thought is that the reward system should encourage long term ownership of those tokens or cryptocurrencies so that if you cash out or spend that money, then you get less of a share of the profits of future customers, and if your balance goes to zero, then you should get nothing. 

I believe in @Steemit they're distributing the rewards with the square number of the votes you get, so maybe this company could distribute part of the profits in the same way, the square of the amount you hold in proportion to what all other participants hold.  

I'm really interested in making this a reality and I would love to be one of the first people to do this. It may be to my advantage that I already have a company that sells through retail stores, and I'm willing to share a piece of my profits with my dear customers that help me do what I do and that allow me to have a comfortable life. 

Even though I thought about this many years ago  I still don't know how to make it a reality. Any help or guidance will be appreciate it. And I think this is a nice way even to distribute wealth around the planet. Wouldn't it be great if companies shared profits with their customers? The only reason the do have those profits its because of those same customers. They should be the best stock holders! 

The only idea I came up with is that the company should decide to give a fixed percentage of the sale to the customer who proved the purchase (or who scanned a QR code in the physical product after opening it) and another fixed percentage of that same sale to all the other customers who bought the company's products before him. So it could be 5% to the current customer and 5% distributed in a proportional manner to all previous customers. 

I hope you can help, I hope I can be part of it, and I hope this helps change the world for it to be a better place. 


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Hello @flyingmind, congratulations for tour post, the information you present is a bit confusing to understand at first, but I think that excellent compensation plan to the client, I think a good study should be done so that a good client does not become a majority shareholder and soon you have no company, but I see in your idea many future possibilities, certainly if you are interested in being co-founder of a great project, be aware of my post.