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Hi! So I had a very hectic day today, working on several things, especially my research. Its not been so easy, as it's been so hot today in my area. And again my head keeps hitting me hard. I love what I do really, but assuredly some days aren't the same as others. I was just wondering, what is it going to be today. I haven't really got chance for my self lately, but today seems a lot worse. But again I believe that no problem is bigger than who ever is facing them. So as I was just pondering all that, I just remembered an old adage which says; a problem shared is always half-solved. So I decided to talk to my friend and ask for his opinion on how I could make out time for something else, like coming here and posting right now. I was surprised when he gave me a solution (which he asked more like a question). Even though he doesn't know much about online stuffs and all that, he didn't know he answered my question indirectly. And now I could create more time for my self than previously imagined. That is the power of sharing. So I tell you today to start sharing. when you share your burden, You feel relieved. When you share your problems, You have already started solving them. When you share your joy, you feel even more happy.
So start SHARING today.


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