Reminder: share your posts onto our subreddit for curation!

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As last week, we're looking for more Original Content posts to be shared onto our subreddit for OCD curation on Sundays:


As the sticky thread has been renewing 2-3 days after Sunday from next one it will be generated more in tune with the OCD Reddit compilation posts. Make sure to get yourself a Reddit account if you don't have one, subscribe to our subreddit: and join the others sharing their posts there according to the rules of the sticky thread!


Remember to follow the rules of the thread when promoting your posts, it's Reddit so we can easily ban and censor you. ;)

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Oh it may be useful for me to share my post as I am hearing about it for the first time

Oh...right. I had forgotten about that place.


I often do too. :D

I forgot that I even had a reddit account. I guess it’s time to get active and share my post in that platform. Thanks for the reminder.

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I submitted my posts on a different occasion but non of them get curated, so I stopped.

Don't give up that quickly. =)

I don't give up on things, I just don't have to waste my time 😉 I will try to share once in a while.

I shared one of my content. Can we submit more than just one?

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Yes, you are free to submit as many posts as you want!

Sounds good for the user like me, who are not seen and upvoted by dolphins and whales. I am going to resteem it for my followers. There could be some reddit users.

If anyone needs some freelance astroturfing for their post, I'm available for hire. Just send me some 1 or 2 Steem and I'll come shill for you, no problem.

I need a new reddit account :(

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Do you need still to be a whitelisted member to get rewarded by OCD? After almost 2 years here I have never been nominated to be so 😂😂😂 and perhaps I’m not the best content creator but not the worst

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The whitelist only affects @ocdb and you get whitelisted by being curated by OCD. Keep on grinding I guess. :P

Of course, always! But don't worry, If I have survived till now without being anytime curated by any bot I guess I can still doing so :-)
Steem on mate, keep on supporting the community

Should my reddit account be connected somehow with steemit acc?

No but if you promote your posts it's not hard to put the two together.

Am I right, I can promote my Steemit post there using Create Post - > Link tab?

Nope, post it as a comment in the sticky thread that's in the screenshot of this post:

Oh, so easy! I thought I should make post on reddit.
Thank you!!

I just found this post and I see no one has posted anything for more than 3 months in the sticky thread, @acidyo.

Is this service still alive?

The sticky thread gets renewed each week, check it out in the subreddit.

Okay, got it. Thanks, @acidyo.