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Wao! share your world ... It's a real challenge you know, it's a real challenge because it's not easy to try to summarize how my world is, my people, my environment ... I'll start in the following way. Hello, my name is Pedro, I was born in Venezuela in the middle of the 70's. I am the second of four brothers and we grew up in a humble home, where tenacity and perseverance along with honesty, respect and education were instilled by our parents. Now, why do I start this blog this way? Right now I will tell you why.
For anyone is a situation that Venezuela is going through so much political, economic, social, cultural and so many more that it would take several posts to mention and I would like to mention them until there to emphasize the good things, apart from not entering in details that are unpleasant


Although not everything is bad, of my people if I can say that we Venezuelans have highlighted worldwide, we have athletes, we have musicians, scientists, we are also famous for the typical food like arepa, who can not adore the arepas in this world? In short, we Venezuelans stand out for being helpful, hardworking, jocular, since we laughed at everything, including the disagreements to be able to pass the bitter drink. Venezuela is a paradise, my little piece of heaven that has it all beaches, rivers, mountains, desert, SNOW! Yes, snow in a tropical country there is alsowe have the highest water fall in the whole world the angel jump, I can not stop mentioning the plains where my father is from, the Andes where my mother is from ...
Now, my contribution to improve the situation we are going through would be the following. Inculcar moral values ​​at home, respect, education, humility, cordiality, perseverance, perseverance ... The father of the country Simon Bolivar the liberator of America, left us as a legacy his thoughts and one of them says

We have mastered more by ignorance that by force

Here is the root of one of our great problems in Venezuelan society, which only by ignorance of our duties and rights we are mired in a socio-economic chaos, which can be saved only by this generation that would rise under these principles of education, respect and humility.
This would be my contribution and is my particular opinion, I say goodbye quoting the ten commandments of God, if they were fulfilled we did not have this chaos, not only in Venezuela also worldwide.

You will love God above all things.
You will not say the name of God in vain.
You will sanctify the holidays.
Honor your father and your mother.
You will not kill.
Thou shalt not commit impure acts.
You will not steal.
You will not give false testimonies.
You will not consent to impure thoughts or desires.
You shall not covet.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have been to your liking, welcome are the criticisms
Thanks to friend @reonlouw for this opportunity in this contest

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Wow, what an entry. I wish to all Venezuelan people the republic where is good to live, work and raise children again.


thank you very much for your good wishes, god bless you