Share Your World Contest #3

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I am participating in the contest # 3 that has started @reonlouw where you want to know about our people, what our challenges are, how we can survive or overcome these challenges. Well let me tell you that I want to share my world with you, believe me I will not waste the opportunity.
At a global level, the current problem that exists in Venezuela with the government we have had for more than 20 years is known, a government that we did not believe would last as long as Venezuelans were not accustomed to the misery that this has brought. much less we thought that we were going to get used to it. For several years the battle has been fought and many have lost it, hundreds of dead each time they left to protest and now hundreds of deaths due to the lack of a whole. Medicines, food, hygiene, security, everything in general has collapsed.


This song was written and composed by my son and sung by my daughter, my son, my niece and my granddaughter.

How are our people?
Passionate, accustomed to the good, we like to meet Sundays familiarly with a stew in the kitchen and talk. Give a cup of coffee to everyone who comes to visit, or a plate of food, we are friendly people and we like to talk and share. Which for some time we do not do because of so many shortages.

Our biggest challenge:
To leave this government as soon as possible so that innocent people do not die and so that our families do not separate since in each family there is at least one member out of the country since he has emigrated looking for a better life and an opportunity to be able to Send some money to your relatives.

How do we survive?
Fortunately many of us knew Steemit and the truth has been very helpful since the dollar exchange is high and that contributes to having more profit with the Steem. He who has not had the opportunity to work with the platform looks very hard, there are people even eating from garbage containers, whole families digging in the garbage. Even our pets are suffering from their food.

How will we overcome this?
With the help of God and hoping that international organizations such as the UN, the OAS will help us find the exit door. We have received a lot of help from abroad, those who can send clothes, food and money to buy food and be distributed among their families. Great salvation.

Who are the ones who suffer the most?
Of course the children and the elderly. They are the most attacked by the needs. The hypertensive ones do not get their medicines for the tension, the children their milk for the bottle. Mothers manage so that the child does not stop taking his bottle, even if it is water with sugar.


It's not that we do not want to leave this government, it's that we do not want to die in the attempt and be massacred by the National Guard that should defend our rights, instead they throw bullets at us. When all this happens you can come to visit my Venezuela and you will see that it is a great country, beautiful as its people.

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