China banned 23 million people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018

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China banned millions of people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018

These people had become "discredited" for unspecified behavioral crimes


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Forgive me for wanting to go "Bwahahahahaha." LOL...

Trust me the laughter is purely filled with nerves as I learned a few months ago that this was heading to the U.S.

I thought about all of the outstanding student-loan debt; and credit defaults; and, I realized that things could get really ugly as people revolted because they could no longer access for example...Amazon; because of negative ratings. I thought how people who had student-loan debt wouldn't be able to catch the online Neiman Marcus mega-sale; because of poor ratings...Imagine a popup showing: Oops, your rating makes this page unavailable...

I laugh as I write this...smh, too; but, this could become very real. If what people say, "China owns the internet" is true, Americans may become 'victims' of sanctions of a whole other kind.

Thanks for your post. Quite interesting to see if/how this grows traction.

Best regards.


What you described is quite scary and distributing. China is a very different beast, so I don't believe the shit we see over there is any indication for what is coming to the West.

I think there would be an unprecedented revolt if these sort of tactics were to be tried in the USA and the EU.

If China owns the internet; and, I suspect with substance that they do, in collab with the amount of U.S. land it owns (think Cali), it could happen, and without/limited/controlled WI-FI there would be very little the ordinary man could do about it.

I read today that a former FCC chair says internet needs regulations.

I do believe that Black Mirror (?) segment was just getting people ready for what may be coming down the pike.

Let's face it, the fewer people online, the more power the powerful have.

unprecedented revolt

Maybe, for a brief time; but, BLM, Yellow Jackets, and the hundreds of other 'revolts' don't last...


For a country with 1.4B people, there will always be a fraction of rebellious citizens who don't comply with acceptable social orders.

Excluding citizens from social services based on some arbitrary "score" is a messed up. I would understand if these 23 million were convicted murderers and rapists, but these are most likely people who criticized the Chinese state in some form, or committed other acts the state deems threatening.