My SteemIt Blog Word Cloud: This Is What It's All About

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How do you like my SteemIt blog word cloud? Look at all those power words! I think it's a perfect representation of what the Steem blockchain is all about.

May I present... my SteemIt Blog Word Cloud! 👀 💙

I only just found out about this cool tool that looks at the most recent posts on your SteemIt blog, takes out the most common words and creates a word cloud with it.

I really wanted to show mine off, because it really represents me, my posts, and what I think is important on the Steem blockchain.

So many power words together... It made me smile from ear to ear. 😊

Steemit, people, newcomers, community, contest, support, promising, winners, create, share, amazing, everyone, platform, intiative, idea, tips ...

... after all, that's exactly what it is all about. 💜 👍

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You can create your personal word cloud on the SteemReports site HERE. All you need to do is enter your username and click the 'Create Word Cloud'-button. Feel free to share yours in the comments section below and tell me how you feel about it.


Graphic created with The Logo Creator Software

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Haha I am taking bets o. Whether or not mine will have beer in bold words!

Gotta give this a try. Thanks!

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I just noticed it was, lol. You've won your bet 😂

There we go!! Had such a good laugh when I saw the word boot lol at least it wasnt the biggest word hahahah


Wow! I like your too! So many power words! I'm even a bit jealous 😉

That’s cool and even better is that it’s made you so happy 😁
I am going to check it out

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Oh wow!!! What a cool idea! Tried to do it now but it gave a server error but I am definitely going to come back and try again later!! You showcased some really fantastically positive words on yours!

Don’t forget to add the @ with your username same thing happened to me now

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Oooooh haha what a simple oversight. Thanks for the heads up batman :D

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when all those positive words came up 😉

Do you know that our old post more than one years can't be access anymore?

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I don't really get what you mean, I'm sorry.

This post was written in January 2018...

If you're referring to the fact that they can't be edited anymore I thought they had extended the time a post could be edited. It used to be closed on post payout...

What a cool tool lol I’m so using this in my post this week 😋

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It depends. You can keep clicking the button, and a different word cloud will be created every time...😉

Okay... I'm game.. I'm going to try it out... a touch nervous though!

Yes... I gave it a go... but I think my footers really messed with it!

yeah, that can happen if you have extensive footers, lol

I tried it but it only did my last post as I do not post too often, but it came up mostly Dave Mann for that tribute...but this is a pretty cool tool @simplymikel!!!

Another reason to pick up posting more regularly again, maybe? 😉

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Cool. Very cool. Introspective brainstorming.

Namaste, JaiChai


Great Tool!!!

Here's mine:

I'd actually love to do a word-cloud that incorporated all my posts, not just the most recent ones.


Me too, but we can't be too picky, can we? At least there is this 😁
Unless... do you know something about coding? 😉

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