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Our services want to ensure that it is very easy to post content to Steem Blockchain. We focus on active users in Instagram/Twitter/Youtube to connect their account to Steem and get rewards.

We also provide free and fast Steem account creation using only email and social media accounts from users.

Share2Steem, an easy way to get to know about Steem.

Have a great day, Crypto Lovers!

~ S2S Team, @anggreklestari (@narasilestari on Instagram)



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Want to delegate ?

Delegators get up to 25% APR !

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !


Hello, I was curious if there was a character limit for using share2steem via Instagram. It seems my long character posts don't transfer over to steem like this one.

Thank you so much, Share2steem, makes post on 2 platform is easier

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Oh heck I forgot I could use this with my YouTube acct too! I'd love it if blogs can be added but I'm happy enough with Twitter, IG and YT integration. 😊😊😊

Nice work!

Go ahead, share2steem!

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