Princess Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

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I've used the Kryolan Shimmer Vision Creme Eyeshadow palette again to create this gorgeous look which is simple but the shades and the shimmer makes it look so princess-like, let's say this is how I felt haha 😅

If you're someone that loves makeup and you share your makeup looks on Instagram or Twitter as well, don't hesitate and connect your account to share2steem and create a Steemit account as well if you haven't already😊

You get to know people from all over the world who do share their passions as well! Maybe you know each other already 😊

Anyway, don't forget go and check out the share2steem website to get more information as well💁

Member of share2steem - @melissavandijkmakeuptutorials on Instagram and @mvd on Steem 😘

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Hermosa chica, que trabaja con constancia con sus tutoriales de maquillaje. Buena vibra.

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@angelica7, gracias😉 you know that I can't speak Spanish 🙈

Your face looks cheerful with this make up. Nice. 💄💄💄 @mvd

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