Pretty Evening Makeup Look By MVD

Going into some purple💜 and red❤ can be such a beautiful cool-toned makeup look and the weather outside was rainy, so it was just perfect!

If you would change the lipstick into a warm-toned color and warm up your face with bronzer, you could end up with a warm-toned makeup look!

Makeup makes me feel creative in any way, that's why i love it so much! ❤

If you are uploading makeup looks on Instagram as well, you can use share2steem and get it shared on Steem as well and get to know new people! 💁

Team Member of S2S - @melissavandijkmakeuptutorials on Instagram and @mvd on Steem

#share2steem #beauty #photography #makeup #makeupartist #makeupaddict #mua #purple #red #makeuplooks

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will be better without makeup , stay natural

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Stunning make up, @mvd :*

You look amazing! Thank you for sharing the tips!

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