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Hi kilianparadise !

Feature being experimented !

After approximatively 48 hours, your post has 7.363 of pending rewards.
To compensate the fact that @share2steem is taking a fee on your posts, please allow us to tip you via @tipu. (The compensation will be transfered to your wallet.)

Our fee : 0.736
Value of votes you got from S2S trails : 0.080
Value to compensate : 0.492 (this amount has been lowered by 25% as you're in only one S2S Curation Trail)
Join the second Curation Trail on the website (in Settings) to be compensated 100% on your future posts

!tip 0.492

For the latest news about the Share2Steem application, visit our @share2steem profile.

See you soon on

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Thank you guys, you rocks!!!

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hmm do they bite ? haha

Thank for trying out share2steem ! How was your experience as a new user ?

btw if you want to do a custom title on steemit, in your instagram/twitter post body, you can insert custom title by adding square bracket i.e.
[Awesome effort ! You can do it]


Hello guys, thank you for your support.
My experience great, very easy to use share2steem!!! You rocks!!!

It doesn't bite, normally 😉
Just respecting them and their environment all goes right.
You are welcome to Dive in Canary Islands @onepercentbetter 😀

Thank you for the tips. Greetings!!!

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haha the @share2steem team rocks !
yeah respect environment !

🎁 Hi @kilianparadise! You have received 0.492 SBD tip from @share2steem!

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Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)