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I continue to make my deck steemmonsters the best

Link to the game -

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External Link :

Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle!

A decentralized, digital trading card game built on the Steem blockchain. Collect the cards, level them up, and battle for great prizes!

I discovered, which allows you to integrate publications from various social networks and publications on STEEM.

Я открыл для себя, который позволяет обьеденить публикации с различных социальных сетей и публикации на STEEM.

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Я в youtube - ANDRUTO
Я в facebook - Cranium33
Я в twitter - Andruto2
Я в instagram - alexeyborsth
Я в steemmonsters - cranium


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Can you inform me what the point of this post was?

It appears all you wrote was "I continue to make my deck steemmonsters the best" and a random screenshot.
And then the rest was all just a random template promoting the normal stuff.

Or am i missing something?


Not a random screenshot, but a screenshot of a new level card that I managed to improve. this way I display my game deck enhancements.


Yes... what's the point of the post? I'm missing something.


Why did you decide that there should be a point? I just share my achievements in the game and popularize STEEM on Twitter.


K and now i know. I was lost, I assumed there was a point to the post and was confused.
I am sorry I was mistaken.

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