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So you got a gat and kill people, your flagged and reported to ig too idiot! lol I target u now!

And here's a tip for you dude, don't disclose to someone that you're going to report their post, especially someone who's hobby is shell scripting and only sleeps about 2 hours a day.

Posted using Partiko Android

You kiss your mom with that mouth? It's a prop, but if you don't like r-rated shit don't follow me man. And I never said I killed people but if you want to find out I'll give you my address bro.

Posted using Partiko Android

and by the way douchebag if you actually looked at my Instagram page it says all my weapons that I use in my videos are props that way kids don't pick one up and think it's cool to do it... you should probably read somebody's page before you actually report them you mouth breather... anyway now you are going to have a hoard of cloned psycho robot software following all your shit so good luck.

Posted using Partiko Android

I was just in shock the whole way through, kinda hard to read when it is a movie. O.K I take it back, it was a prop. Maybe deep down I knew it was a prop, cause it would be kinda dangerous to flag someone with a real gun! Sometimes when people see things like guns being semi glorified it offends them and they cannot spend any more time reading. I was watching the video, and the subtitles, then I looked into your red eyes and figured maybe this guy was a killer. Maybe I just wanted to see if I could lure you into a trap, but you turned out alright, lucky for you, so have a nice weekend!I Oh and whatever I am gong to clone my own robots to go right back after all them. I am going to work on the bots this weekend, they are all opensoure, seems like fun I gotta get to work this is a waste of my time flagging manually. But this one was the most fun flag of the day, gave me a rush! Six flags was my favorite! P.S. also it was your type that freaked me out! gͥђoͣsͫȶ

Alright fair enough. Glad to see you're a good sport about it no hard feelings

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks! I took back the flag!

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