I am so excited to tell you more about my online classes! Watch my story to see all the behind the scenes 🙈🙊 Warning! It might make yo drool and super hungry! I have been working so much to create the most beautiful cakes for everyone.

You will be able to learn worldwide, from anywhere, at anytime. Create a beautiful gift for a loved one. Mirrored mousse cakes have been taking over the internet, and it's not hard to see why. The light mousse sponge is topped with a spellbindingly shiny glaze that looks almost too good to eat. They're a great alternative to heavy Christmas pud, dry xmas fruit cakes and super rich yule logs.

Fun yet highly informative baking and decorating classes for beginners and beyond. Take your home baking to the next level and learn how to create stunning cakes with a professional finish. Everything you need is provided in your online school, including recipe sheets and course certificate on completion.

We have the pleasure to teach all students from everywhere in the world. We believe our worldwide reach is testament to the quality of our carefully devised and well-structured courses, which offer students the chance to absorb a wide range of both technical and creative skills in a single class.

You will have 3 levels of classes. Level 1 - Beginners - You dont have to have any experience in baking or making cakes, this course will teach you everything! Level 2 - is for those who want to take it slightly further and learn more. Level 3 - is for those who are experienced already, or have taken the first two levels. You will learn velvet techniques and double tiered cake.

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I love cakes a lot but i did not usually eat the sugary part. I have forgotten the name of that sugary part


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