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"Ending an essay, or finishing any piece of art, is a challenge because it is an exercise not only in control and mastery of a story, but control of the reader as well. To end a work is to know what I as the writer want the reader to take away from the story."

... from An Unwinnable Video Game Taught Me How to Write Endings by @SarahMRosenthal #share2steem

External Link : https://medium.com/p/an-unwinnable-video-game-taught-me-how-to-write-endings-ccf5dbca83b0

An Unwinnable Video Game Taught Me How to Write Endings

You can keep playing Stardew Valley forever—and that helped me confront my fear of wrapping things up

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Just stopping by to say that I love Stardew Valley far too much. :)