With Steem-Engine Exchange adding NFT Non Fungible Tokens we can build games like cryptokitties

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I have seen aggroed on his own steem-engine discord reporting that steem-engine.com will be adding NFT non fungible tokens... for those who havent learned that word- it means unique tokens that cant be funged or exchanged with similar token like bitcoin or steem are fungible for each other but with ERC721 standard we have non fungible completely unique tokens like cryptokitties which can be used for collectables Peopel have an innate uyrge to collect and we see it on @ateemmonsters and even the tokens on steem engine already with people like myself wanting to collect as many tokens as have potential. Who here among us has not already felt the yearnin to want to collect a lil of everything on steem engine? Imagine when we have cool games that let you collect crypto collectibles that you can sell for real steem, just like the LUMI COLLECT app.... I hope steem NFTs are recognized by apps like lumi.... In the future i forsee a lot more steem to gift card systems like for blocktrades to have a deal with BitRefill or Gyft so it can get bulk gift card deals to resell to steemians so steemit can just advertise that it can let you trade ur steem directly for GIFT cards to buy stuff on amazon etc ..... we will be able to have people playing game swinning collectibles they can later sell and make money to use to buy actual goods in the real world.

I'd love to make a new version of HOMESCAPES a mix of candy crush and the sims which we could clone and can include non fungible and steem engine tokens for money to build homes and get items for the house like furniture that can be NFT tokens NFT steem engine... I have also been told that this idea is also being worked possibly with steem-engine or maybe with steempeak who knows.. ;) you'll rine out which one soon... just imagine how easy it will be to BUY THINGS with steem when we have a GYFT or @bitrefill partnership to offer bulk card discounts to steem users who buy the gift card with a steem engine token Like how invite.steem.ninja uses its Invite token.

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