I've always had an idea for an APP......

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Hey Steemit,
Can I bounce an idea off of here?

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As a college student, I've always been a big fan of Craigslist
but honestly I think it can be done better.

I know it's getting increasingly difficult for the middle class in America, and the "share economy" as capitalized on that.
Well, where I think Craigslist falls short is in the "bartering" section.
I love making no cash barters, but craigslist does little to promote this idea.
Most people are unaware that services can be bartered too.
It's revolutionary.
You work on cars?
My car just broke down but I can't afford to get it fixed.
The price is about 300, I could barter an ipad or device in this example.

I think we could create a more free people if we developed the ways in which we communicate.

My IdeaBenefits
Promote the exchange of servicesA more effective community
Promote contracts to ensure safer transactionsA more self sufficient middle class

So I'm curious, would you yourself be interested in no cash bartering? (With the exception of cryptos, that way we could bring cryptos into the real world with no US money being exchanged)
Have you ever bartered before?
Could this be a major win for the share economy?
I'd love some feedback, It's just sort of an idea I've always thought about.


There's an app / website like that in Ireland. It's called Adverts.ie and basically it's a site that you can list things you're trying to sell. You can offer an amount under the price listed and haggle on the price but you can also offer a swap like you're suggesting. My brother swapped an iPhone for a TV that we still use today. Maybe you can capitalise the market in your home country.
Hope this helps,

Well we have many apps for buying and selling. But nothing dedicated to trading specifically. As well as no additional services like contracts or safe guards to scale the business.

Hey do what you think is best but definitely look at Adverts and their swap function to see a company that actually profits from the service you're talking about. An important note is that once you make a sale on adverts you get charged 2 euro but only when you mark something sold / swapped. Could be a way to monitise your own app.
Best of Luck,