You know they care when they share

in share •  2 years ago

a poem by my wife............. x

It's great to share things old and new

If i don't need it i will ask "Do you?"

We can share our clothes and even ideas

Share our joy and sometimes our fears

If you don't have it i can give to you

For this i know you would do the same too

From milk to sugar and the odd tea bag

I think i even remember once you gave me your last fag

There is nothing that we can never share

From a smile in the street to an old armchair 

A complementary smile or a flirty wink

A dance or some banter while having a drink

It's great to share shoes trousers and hat

But most of all friendship..I do know that

By Janny Ashleigh 2014 Copyright © UK Copyright Service and protected under UK and international law

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That's really good

Really good and a smile from a stranger can make your day