If you see an Owl - does it mean something?

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Untitled-10.jpgMystery of Magic, Omens/Prophecy, Silent Wisdom, and Vision in the Night

Cycle of Power: Nocturnal - Year-round

Vision - Seeing in the Dark - Clairvoyance
One who works with owl medicine will be able to see and hear what others try to hide through their masks or deceptions. Even an innocent person will often be hiding behind a persona that is not representative of their true self. The owl can help one see through that veil and into the truth. You will hear what is not being said, and you will see what is hidden or in the shadows (in the night). You can detect subtleties. This can make others uncomfortable and in a way, they will be able to sense that you can see them for who they truly are. They may see that they cannot deceive you about their motives or actions.

Excellent Hearing - Clairaudience
Owls don’t just honor us with the ability of “second sight” but they also have hearing that is quite perfect. The ears of the owl are asymmetrical and located in different positions on the head. This enables it to sort out the auditory signals it picks up in order to locate it’s prey more easily. For example: the barn owl makes sound clicks as a form of echo location.

Field of Vision -
Like Humans, owls blink by closing the upper eyelids, giving them a human expression which has added to the mysticism of owls. Unlike humans though, their eyes cannot move. Their neck is flexible, giving them a wide range of peripheral vision. They cannot turn their heads completely around, but they do move it so quickly that it gives that appearance. The symbolism of the neck and its flexibility should be considered for those with owl medicine. If your neck is stiff and inflexible, you are hindering your perceptions to a great degree.

Inner Vision -
The owl, like hawks and other birds of prey, has a third eyelid. This eyelid moves from side to side and is a symbol of new vision or unique ability for seeing into the eyes and souls of others.

Silent Wisdom -
Owls fly silently. The front edge of the wing has a fringe that silences the flight and most owls have huge wings. Be like the owl and keep silent and go about your business. Moving this way at this time of your life will bring you ease and success. Jabbering or loudness will bring unneeded attention and drama.

Discernment -
Much study has been done on owls in regards to their prey. This is possible predominantly due to “owl pellets.” An owl will usually swallow it’s prey whole and head first. The indigestible parts of bones, fur, teeth, and claws are regurgitated in pellet form. This symbolizes the owl taking into itself the wisdom and energy of the prey. The regurgitation symbolizes the owl’s ability to eliminate what is not beneficial and not healthy.

Magical Feminine Energies -
The owl has been tied to the feminine, the yin, and the moon energy. Use owl medicine at night for creativity to gain the full advantage of this animal spirit. Pagans may use owl medicine for spell work because of it’s great magical attributes and shamans may utilize this creative energy for healing.

*The type of owl energy that you have is also important to study. By learning the characteristics of your type of owl energy, you will gain insight into your current situations. The character of your type of owl will parallel the energies that you embody at the present time.

Great Horned Owl:

Largest and most successful predator of the owl species. It attacks life with a fervor. The Great Horned Owl will take on any predator species of bird. Only the golden eagle is not afraid of the owl.

Does not have a great sense of smell. Favorite food is the skunk. Anyone with this specific totem should also study the skunk.

It is a harbinger of spring. It’s favorite habitat is in dense wooded areas of hardwoods and conifers but it can live almost anywhere there is a food source.

Barn Owl:

     This owl has a heart shaped facial disc which is unique among owls.  This symbolizes the ability to link the heart and the mind.  it is part of what this owl teaches.  it also has darker eyes.  it has a golden buff feathering on top, and white feathering beneath.  it is an owl whose medicine can connect you to old haunts and spirits of properties and homes that may still be lingering about.  its medicine can be used to held develop mediumship and spirit contact. the barn owl is a master hunter, far better at micing than a barn full of cats.  A large portion of this particular owl’s brain is devoted to sorting out the auditory signals that it picks up.  For those with this totem, the ability to hear the inner voice and even spirit will definitely begin to develop.

Barred Owl:

Found in dense deciduous forests and swamps. The spotted owl is a close relative. Shares territory with the red-shouldered hawk.
Has a benign nature and is a great actor that can put up a show. It’s vocal performances are designed to put other animals and people off. This symbolizes the ability of this owl to teach us how to use the voice for greater effects.

Screech owls:

Small in size - much smaller. They also have tufts like the great horned owl but these are not their ears. The ears are located on the sides of their heads. Usually reddish or gray in color and 6-10 inches tall. Screech owls do not really screech. Their sounds are more like a soft whinny. Despite of their size, the courage and ferocity of the screech owl is often compared to that of the great horned. It is thought by many to be a miniature of the great horned in this aspect.
Excellent hunters and ability to cooperate to survive. It can show you how to be a fierce individual with an ability to cooperate with others - but still with individuality.

Short - Eared Owl:

Will hunt day or night. This reflects that its medicine is powerful day and night. It will also meticulously build it’s home. The markings on this owl are flame like representing it’s fiery nature. This owl as a unique ability of being in the right place at the right time often showing up whenever there is an eruption of field mice population. Courageous and playful. They are strong and fast with no fears. Extreme aerial ability. Versatile and curious. It reflects a blending of air and fire.

Snowy Owl:

Hunts predominantly by sitting and waiting. They seem to hunt lazily and often appear to be resting. What they are really doing is conserving their energy and they are very observant. This sense of timing is what snowy owls can teach. It will usually eat it’s weight in food everyday and also has a knack of knowing where the food will be found. This bird also has the medicine of prophetic instinct because it seems to know where famine will be found and will re-locate before the food runs out. The Snowy owl has the power of prophecy and spirit. When the snowy moves to another area, it does so quietly and doesn’t claim it’s presence. When it walks, its talons are withdrawn into its well-padded feet. It accomplishes its tasks with timing and skill, not through intimidation. True strength is gentle and this is what the snowy owl teaches.

There are 38 species of owls in North America.

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