Shakib's emotional Facebook status reminds old!

in #shakibkhan5 years ago

Shakib Khan is a bright star in Bengali film Although his real name is Masud Rana, he appeared in the movie cinema named Shakib Khan and started his acting career through Ananta Love Film directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. But the film did not help him reach the top of the fame, but in the second year of the career, he was acting opposite Hartathrub and number 1 heroine Shabnur, and very soon Shabnur-Shakib Khan Jute turned into a successful pair of Bengali film producer and producer.

Overcoming many ups and downs, Shakib Khan established himself as one of the most successful and highest paid actors in Bangladesh's film history. She will not be able to stay home in 2010, after mother god in 2012 and more love in 2015. You are awarded three Filmfare Best Film Actor Award for the movie.

But this popular hero is in a burning fire in his personal life. Shabib-Apu breakup spread all over the country But Shakib Khan also posted a photo of Mental movie in his violin Facebook page in the midst of this breakup, writing, old memories. Maybe Shakib Khan is reminiscing old to ease stress.

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