Shadow Photo Contest Round 108 - I will show you my shadows.

in #shadowphoto3 years ago

To share with @melinda010100 I brought some good shadows achieved from a walk to the park to raise the kite for the celebration of my grandson's birthday.

We enjoyed an afternoon with clouds and a wind that allowed us to raise the kite without complications, a sun that remained to give me some good shadows to share.



I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and everything that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enough, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.


Looks like a really fun time! And it resulted in some great shadow photos! To be officially entered be sure and post your link/photo over on the contest post!

Thank you for your comment @ melinda010100. I already completed the requested requirement 🤦

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