photos contest 35th round guitar shadow

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Hello, my best friend, how are you, are you all fine, for our women this time I want to show a picture of a guitar image that is very beautiful and cool, and the shape is also very charming

The image of this guitar image is very visible, and also a good shape, I took this guitar photo in my house and we are very good at taking care of it, so it's still beautiful like this picture
#### Guitar is one of the objects that can be used for playing music and can also be used to study music and music, pop and rock, all types of music can be used by guitar
**So the guitar is very useful in cyberspace, therefore, the guitar is also very much used by artists outside or even local artists, because of the music, cool**
This is the image of the guitar shadow for the contest of the **35th** round, the 34th is over, which is a shadow seat contest This contest was unexpected by my friend #### @melinda010100 My contest this time, I posted by using #apps #esteem that was created by @good-karma for those who haven't used esteem, please ### Join
also visit my youtube channel
### @kabil
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Great post and shadow photos! Thanks for entering! I'm resteeming this.


thank you very much my friends, have supported my work, I am very proud to have a friend like you my best friend

Thank you for thinking of us ladies. Holding either guitar or women can be sweet if done correctly. Great shadows.



thank you very much my best friends ,, i am very happy if anyone supports me ,, i will give the best always for my friends all

Very nice Capture an also editing ..
@Nick750566 keep support

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thank you very much my best friends ,, i am very happy if anyone supports me ,, i will give the best always for my friends all

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Hey friend you have made very nice guitar shadow like it 😊 good luck for this contest 💐