Shadow Photo Contest-Round 66- My Edited Shadows

in shadowphoto •  3 months ago 

An art made by bicycle ...


My Edited Shadows


Thanking @melinda010100

for the opportunity
it gives us to express our art.

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Wonderful shadow and great edit! Nicely done! Thanks for entering!

Hello friend, I wanted to know why the prize of week 66 did not get charged in my wallet.

I am so sorry! I will go look!

There! It should be fixed now! I was not having a good day last Friday and it seems that some other lucky @ beto received your intended prize.

You should have it now. Right?

thank you very much friend kisses

I apologize! Thanks for making me aware of my mistake @beto14 Shadow contest prizes will now be 2 steem each because of an award from @ Curie. Be sure and enter each week!

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