TheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service - August 2017

August Announcement for TheShadowBrokers Monthly Data Dump Service

Hello thepeoples! July is being good month for TheShadowBrokers Monthly Data Dump Service, make great benefit to theshadowbrokers.

If you making subscription payment in July, do not be worrying, TSB got your payment. TSB no longer sending confirmation emails. If you not yet making subscription payment is still being days left in July, do not be missing out!


TheShadowBrokers is making changes to Data Dump Service for August.

Due to popular demand theshadowbrokers is raising prices for August to 500 ZEC or 2000 XMR.

DO NOT be sending payment to TSB published ZEC or XMR addresses. TheShadowBrokers not using public published payment addresses after July.

If you wanting make subscribe to TheShadowBrokers Monthly Data Dump Service then sending theshadowbrokers an email request for payment address. TheShadowBrokers then be sending you unpublished payment address for you to be making payment.

Which email address theshadowbrokers using? For August Data Dump Service send payment address requests to zvg3gyomywniv8@zeroid.bit or bimigjt3xne0@mail.i2p


July data dump for subscribers inbound. Interesting June data dump not published by subscribers.


Signed message on Zeronet


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"... using hacking tools stolen from a secretive government agency by a black market, cyber arms dealer..."

The cyberpunk is real and we're living it!

@theshadowbrokers Cautiousness, security and hackers and main crypto issues. Most crypto newbies need to start pay attention to information like this if they've got some altcoin or tokens to loose. Thanks for sharing very helpful info.


yeah but paying 500 ZEC is more than most people even have invested in the first place. This is for the big ish. Not the average user.. I don't have 100,000$ to spend to see what coins I should or should not invest in like they are asking. That 100k is the investment I dream of having into crypto.. But realease more NSA files, go shadowbrokers lol

@theshadowbrokers it seem to me as if there are as more crypto crimes as there are altcoins and tokens out there.

This is legit? I like the work y'all do.

Would you consider supporting me for Steem witness? Would love to have a vote from a hacking group as I'm a hacker myself. Not quite of the same level though ;)


@netuoso If you tell me what are the various responsibility of a steemit witness, I will support you and campaign for you. most especially I would love to know what you would be bringing to the table. Good luck mate!


There are some guides and posts out there that can explain better than I can in a comment, however, Witnesses are responsible for keeping a reliable, stable server running .. staying up to date with the latest version of the software, keeping up with the community and generally staying active.

Other things such as keeping a steem price feed running. I personally have an autoscaling setup that will be able to handle any load the blockchain may put on it. As my funds increase, I will also run things such as full seed nodes that add into the stability of the network even more.


I think you know your stuff. let me know how I can be of assistance if you have a campaing plan.

Good post man. Thanks!

it looking good but i dont think i will be legal


Interesting information. Thank you.

Jeez. if only I had a few cough hundred cough alt coins to 'spare' p.p


That's very interesting! Thank you @theshadowbrokers!

Thank you for everything you have done, Theshadowbrokers!

Please release new dump to the people! We can't afford those high prices!

waw !

Congratulations @theshadowbrokers!
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