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Hello TheSubscribers,

All current, future, and past data dumps now 500 ZEC each unless previously posted as less, example June.

Hello ThePeoples,

Are ThePeoples enjoying seven minutes of hate at Russian hackers and Russian security company? Is after October 1st, new moneys is being in US government budgets for making information warfares payments. Is many stories of NSA + lost data. Is all beings true? Is NSA chasing shadowses? Is theequationgroup still not knowing hows thems getting fucked? Is US government trying out storieses to be seeing responses? TheShadowBrokers be telling ThePeoples year ago how theshadowbrokers is getting data. ThePeoples is no believing. ThePeoples is got jokes. ThePeoples is making shits up. So TheShadowBrokers then saying fucks it, theshadowbrokers can be doings that too.

TheShadowBrokers is thinkings The Peoples is missings most important part of storieses. Corporate media company (WSJ) publishes story with negative financial impacts to foreign company (Kaspersky Labs) FROM ANONYMOUS SOURCE WITH NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. WTF? Can they being doing that? Libel law suits? But is ok, Kaspersky is Russian security peoples. Russian security peoples is being really really, almost likes, nearly sames as Russian hackers. Is like werewolves. Russian security peoples is becoming Russian hackeres at nights, but only full moons. AND AMERICA HATES RUSSIAN HACKERS THEY HACKED OUR ELECTION CIA, GOOGLE, AND FACEBOOK SAID. If happening to one foreign company can be happening to any foreign company? If happening to foreign company can be happen to domestic? Microsoft Windows 10 "free" = "free" telemetry in Microsoft cloud. If happening to companies can be happening to individual or group of individuals? ITS FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Is being "free" if paying to remove pay-wall? Is being "free" from influence if performed for government goodwill or foreign policy? Is being "free" if performer is corporation with profit motive? What if market paying for misinformation, anti-"free"? What is being origins for free speech and free press? Is to being for spreading informations about TheThreats to ThePeoples liberty? How's that working out for ThePeoples? ThePeoples is feeling they knowing real vs fake threats? Is TheControllers needing censorship, attacking "frees" if TheControlled not trusting source or content? Self-Censorship? If great success for foreign powers "Russian Hackers vs American Election" then is great success for domestic powers "The Controllers vs The Controlled"? Is being time to be making updates, patching rights? evidential proof? protections not applying to for-profit corporation? Non-profit + big pockets = suing fakes? Is not getting out of handses?

Hello TheEquationGroup and The Partners,

TheData = TheWho + TheWhat + TheWhen + TheWhere + TheWhy + TheHow. TheData = TheAnswers

Only theshadowbrokers is having TheData. Having TheData is risk. Having TheData is valuable. If wanting TheData, then paying theshadowbrokers. TheShadowBrokers is entrepreneurs. This is being business. TheShadowBrokers is knowing TheWhat is having smaller value to you than TheHow. Without TheHow, how can you be learning from mistakes, stopping shadows in future? Without TheWho, how can you be making big example for The Peoples? TheShadowBrokers can being going slow and dragging out OR $10,000,000 USD in cryptocurrency of choice gets TheData. Is not being real money anyways, yes? Being ready to stopping chasing shadows and starting preventing them?

Pro tip: paying with seized cryptocurrency from AlphaBay = no tax payer moneys, no oversight
DeepState tip: make no bid contract for contractor buddies cost three times tax payer moneys, getting self overpaid position at contractor

Hello Matt Suiche,

TheShadowBrokers is sorry TheShadowBrokers is missing you at theblackhats or maybe not? TSB is not seeing hot reporter lady giving @msuiche talk, was that not being clear required condition? TheShadowBrokers is being sures you understanding, law enforcements, not being friendly fans of TSB. Maybe someday. Dude? "...@shadowbrokerss does not do thanksgiving. TSB is the real Infosec Santa Claus..." really? "Trick or Treet", cosplay and scarring shits out of thepeoples? TheShadowBrokers favorite holiday, not holiday, but should be being, Halloween!

TSB special shouts outs to Marcy "EmptyWheel" Wheeler, is being what true journalist and journalism is looking like thepeoples!

TheShadowBrokers, brokers of shadows.


Congrats you see them. :) nice post.. you living your life to the fullest. i want to see more of your post. done following

scary truth in thatsociety were living in,isnt?
not alarmed about scary action rocketing like BTC?
aight,society make you mindlessly acting like theirtool already?
hope youll notice the booom

Very good one

TheShadowBrokers, brokers of shadows.

Seems that so far their "broken English" is doing its job keeping the search algorithms away though hah

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Thanks for information.

This is totally out of control.

TheControl yes TheControl comes out of TheData

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Your post is very good if you like me too, then you can also comment on me


It's an interesting subject

Awesome! you really must have serious truthfully data to have been censored on steemit #omg, hopefully there is busy, steemd and plenty of other stuffs. They once tried to delete my steemit profile from Google, it was the same, people founded Busy and then they restored it on Google.

Edit: The post have been uncensored (they know that it's useless, but they keep making it more dirty :D)

nice post.. you living your life to the fullest. i want to see more of your post. done following

Hi, shadowbrokers
I am very glad for your kind information about the NSA+Lost data and Russian and America Hacker ....

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