TheShadowBrokers are NOT Making America Great again!!!

in #shadowbrokers7 years ago

TheShadowBrokers ripped me off. I paid 500 XMR for their “Wine of the Month Club” and only they sent me a single tool that already requires me to have a box exploited. A tool, not even an exploit! The tool also looks to be old, and not close to what theShadowBrokers said could be in their subscription service.

Why do theShadowBrokers think they can Make America Great Again? In reality, dumps by theShadowBrokers are the exact opposite of putting America First. The releases are degrading our ability to destroy the ideology of globalism and keep terrorists out. Without Cyber weapons, it is more difficult for America to protect its borders. Trump calls for "extreme vetting" of immigrants, but how can one do that without Cyber? Trump would not be impressed with theShadowBrokers.

You want to know how to make America great again? Leak the weapons the terrorists are using!! Give the EQGRP weapons to the white hats who are the real ones fighting terrorism like @th3j35t3r. This is how we win. This is how we make this great country great again.

You want to know how to not make America great again? Do things that are directly supporting the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Now with the help of theShadowBrokers, the US Government is going back to the MIC for new, more powerful exploits, lining the pockets of those involved, which in turn is giving it more power to influence politics and hire more lobbyists. Maybe TheShadowBrokers is profiting from this? Maybe theShadowBrokers are part of the MIC. The pervasive cycle spins on…

Snowden is more of a hero than theShadowBrokers could ever be. Snowden was braver, he revealed himself instead of hiding behind a pseudonym. TheShadowBrokers accuses Snowden of running, but at least Snowden is not posing as a video game character.

The information Snowden took was superior to that of theShadowBrokers. Snowden did not use nonsensical language in an overly complex self-serving money making scheme. Snowden’s motivations were non-self-serving, but theShadowBrokers are all about themselves and only want to profit from this. Are theShadowBrokers any different than the MIC, as they are making money from surveillance tools used by the US Government? Are theShadowBrokers trying to become “the Wealthy Elite?”

TheShadowBrokers are an uneducated disgrace. TheShadowBrokers took the time to try to challenge “Grammer Critics,” and state they are practicing poor writing ability as part of obfuscation, but they cannot even spell “Grammar” correctly the first two times they used it! How can anyone take theShadowBrokers seriously? It was not until WannaCry that they were ever really noticed...

So now we patiently await the next theShadowBrokers message; we wonder what complex scheme will be next, who else will be ripped off, and how they will ‘fuck our moms.’ We also wonder when theShadowBrokers will realize that they are not liberal media worthy, not MAGA, and not putting America First. I think theShadowBrokers are a liberal front trying to distract from the triumphant victory of Trump.



Why not release the tool you got then?

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Hey disillusioned costumer, share the tool what you got from TSB. Will be nice from you if you share it on Virustotal

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