Super Star Bonus!

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Want to earn an extra bonus Shadow Rank boost?

How to enter

  1. Donate 1 STEEM to @deejcharitytrust
  2. Re-steem this post
  3. Reply below

That is it! @deejcharitytrust is designed to help get new businesses and users online as well as cover costs for promotions and other events our lead dev @bigdeej sponsors! Be sure to get in on this great opportunity to help others and earn some extra Shadow Rank doing so!

More Information


All DONE. Donation went in a bit personalized size (x2+)

Also done.

But I got a question now:
May I get a report of how much SR I gained through:
and this one?

Because I see the 4 SR gained from the one boost, everyone received, but I haven't received any SR from those actions. Will those included next week in the changes?

So a post with the end results how much SR which shadowcaster gained would be nice.

Chuck is humbled by your charitable actions and has donated a little bit extra.

When chuck norris does push ups he actually doesnt push himself up, he pushes down the earth.

I feel happy to donate. Thank you @shadowbot .

Happy to support and thank you for the great service @shadowbot. I have re-steemed the article and based on my outstanding posts I will donate 1 STEEM to @deejcharitytrust in 3 days :)

Thanks for being such a great caster! Its great steemians like yourself that allow us to provide this system FREE OF CHARGE to all! We learn and earn more together! Get ready for the next big drop this week!

Thanks @shadowbot, I have now sent 1 STEEM donation to @deejcharitytrust.

Shadowbot - the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for playing santa the other 324 days of the year.

Glad to hear! If you have any feedback, ideas or other input or bugs don't hesitate to open a support ticket!

I am very much happy for getting chance donate a little bit to @deejcharitytrust of @bigdeej 's Charitable Steem Trust.
I also resteem this post.
Looking forward shadowbot rank bost
I love @shadowbot

100% of all funds donated to Big Deej's Charitable Trust are used to boost minnows and bring new members on, primarily charities that are not familiar with cryptocurrency.

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