Huge upgrades rolling out! 2 Year Birthday for ShadowBot this Friday!

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Anyone who had any issues the past few weeks should already be seeing the effects of all the work that has been done the last month! We are still dedicated to providing the BEST pool on Steem and after 2 years are NOT going anywhere! Fear not our fellow steemians! We are here to stay! Get ready this week is going to be full of upgrades, surprises, contests and fun to celebrate our 2nd full year running ShadowBot!

Take a look and see! We are running near perfect again! There are a few more minor hiccups we are finishing up this week and are about to roll out a bunch of new features as well!

To thank everyone who has been part of our almost 2 year journey we are giving out some Shadow Rank boosts this Friday, as well as creating some fun contests to enter!

Rank Boosts are as follows (you can earn all)

  • +1 to all Casters!
  • +1 for all over 500 SP
  • +2 for re-steeming this post
  • +3 for posting with #shadowbot tag with link to this post
  • +5 for all over 1,500 SP (FVL)
  • +7 for all over 10,000 SP
  • +10 for all over 25,000 SP

Bonus Boosts! (And support the project)

Anyone who donates this week to @shadowbot will be given an additional Shadow Rank boost as follows:
20 STEEM = +1 Shadow Rank
75 STEEM = +10 Shadow Rank
150 STEEM = +25 Shadow Rank

** Please include in the memo/note "Donation to ShadowBot" so we know to count it!

Remember ALL donations are used to fund development, equipment, services and resources needed to keep the platform running and FREE to all! Your total donation made before Friday this week will be totaled and boosts given Friday!

Best wishes to everyone and stay tuned! Things are just starting to heat up!

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great news. I'm with you guys almost from beginning and I'm very happy to hear you are still developing this product and add some new features. :) of course resteemed.

Very happy to still be! We have been working hard the past few months on isolating any and all issues we can and improving the system while also getting ready to release a bunch of new features for our community! We are not going anywhere and we are super excited to have long term great casters like yourself part of OUR (your) community! We all win together!

If I count it right I should get +11 in shadow rank. great news.
Here is link to my post about shadowbot.

I'm seeing 9 juicy shadow ranks in my future!

Can we say awesomeness! :)

Caster #1628 here, resteemed and posted
So should me bring at least to 66 SR. 😎

resteemed )

I am not in Shadow Casters list. Please help me. I am not getting upvote nor going from my account.

Happy birthday and big love @shadowbot!

Resteemed and wrote a post here:

Also a cheeky donation coming your way soon x