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RE: OFFICIAL UPDATE!! 🌠Steemits Got Talent Season 1 Week#10 has BEGUN! Increased the PRIZES! Theres ONLY 1 SLOT left for SGT: 💀Eliminations! ONLY ONE OPEN SLOT LEFT! You just gonna let money walk right by you?! Week#9 Shoutouts!

in #sgt5 years ago

Love this contest!

Such a great idea. I try and get submissions in regularly to help give some exposure and promote this great event for Steemit!

I will get my first entry in tonight some time!

Thanks for creating the space for us to share with each other our talents!



Thank you my friend! I will be releasing the HUGE news for SGT: ELIMINATIONS SOON!. Cant wait to see the eliminations come to fruition!


Looking forward to it!

Also I have a few placement rewards to claim that I have not because it requires a wallet of something I don't have. (I don't do the contest for the rewards, but I guess winning means I should claim them and broaden my horizons) I will figure out what I need to do in order to play the game properly!

Thanks for hosting this awesome event. I feel it has great potential. I think you need better marketing and more consistency. I could maybe help with that.


yes it requires openledger which is pretty easy to setup and is free. And yes! I would love to discuss options brother <3 You have discord yes? Lets chat!

Yea I don't use it often but I have discord, and I don't open ledger but will surely get it so as to participate in this new economy you are promoting!

Lets talk soon!

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