SGT Week #10 Steemit's got Talent. Sam Smith - Pray (Violin Cover) 📽️🎻🎻🎻

in sgt •  2 years ago  (edited)

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Intrumental produced by Piano Nest:

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Real talent! Violin never sounds this good :) I'd like to here it solo though, i think piano was not a good complementary for this song. But besides that 10/10, masterpiece! Keep up the good work.


For real?????? I tried to make it different. Thanks so much for your feedback!!! I like to make my productions as professional as possible :)

Great post! and such a beautiful talent. Up vote and re esteem :)
Best wishes.- @splendorhub


wow!!! Thanks so much :)

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This is crazy!!!!


@curie thanks for your help mate!

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Thanks so much :)

Congratulations it's beautiful @jeanramos . Must feel great - that is a lot of work!


Yes it was!!! thanks so much for your feedback!!!

I enjoyed reading your post. There's a lot of good stuff.


Thanks :)

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you are really veryyyyyyyyyyyyy talented


Thanks :) everything is made with love!

Hello from a professional violinist! Good stuff. Keep it coming.