Submissions for week 3 of SGL are now Open - plus some added info!

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So here we are at the beginning of week 3 of SGL and entries are open, so film your entry and don't forget to follow the rules (especially tags so we can find you).

We have had some amazing entries so far and the whole team is really excited to see, what week 3 holds in store for us? Feel free to link your twitter so if you win we can tag you in the tweet :D

Communities Choice:

So last week we launched the contest within the contest! However no one seemed too interested in trying to take part - in the end 1 person promoted 1 entry for 1 Sonic. That means he won the Communities Choice with only spending 1 Sonic and in return his vote earned the winners 200 Sonic!

With a return like that I can only assume people are not sure what the Communities Choice is, or how it works. So I wanted to touch on the main points and try to be clearer than in the last post, but it is odd no one else tried to get in the game.

  • First thing find a valid entry for SGL you want to see win.
  • Next vote said post
  • Then click the promote button (you must be on the site to be able to use Sonic for the promotion)
  • A new window will open, enter the amount of Sonic you would like to promote the post for. Then click promote again.
  • By doing this you have just nominated an entry for the Communities Choice.
  • To ensure your entry wins keep an eye on the promoted page on to see if any other entries have been nominated and ensure their post has the highest promotion value by close of Judging and they will win!
  • Also remember you can leave a comment on the entrants post, we will look at their comment section and include any reviews from people that supported that entry by promoting it and include their reviews in the SGL winners announcement post.
  • They will also be featured as that weeks Communities Choice Judge!

Given that last week someone managed to reward the winners of the Communities Choice by only promoting a post for 1 Sonic means, this is really easy way to not only win SGL but win 200 Sonic as well!

Also a little reminder of the basic run down of the rules are as follows:

  1. Submit a post meeting all criteria within the allocated 48 hour window for your entry to be considered a valid entry, all entries submitted before or after this window will automatically be disqualified.
  2. Your post must be titled "Sonic Groove Live", the week number, state whether it is a cover or original and the name/title of the piece.
  3. Your entry post needs to be tagged #sonicgroove and #SGL.
  4. Each valid entry must contain a live recording made specifically for this contest, it must include the live playing of an instrument or vocalist.
  5. Every video entry requires an intro where you state your username, "Sonic Groove Live" week no # and the name of the piece you will be performing.(we must be able to clearly see and hear you especially during this time)
  6. You must have a youtube link included in your entry post.
  7. One entry per person per week.
  8. Each performance that has vocals requires the lyrics to be included in the post.
  9. All types of music are valid.

For a more in depth explanation please check out our How to enter SGL post.

Check out the SGL discord server!

While we have you we wanted to mention the SGL discord server, we have an amazing group of musicians and music lovers alike just waiting for you to join them. This is the best way to get in contact with the SGL team, ask any questions you may have or just hang out and have some fun with our crazy mods :P

There will be some more exciting news coming and it's very discord oriented, so I want to strongly encourage all of you to jump on in if you haven't already. There are places to share your music and posts, chat, listen to music or just come in for the free cookies - I know @paintingangels can get a little cookie happy!

But if you don't join there is a chance you may miss out on some exciting things we have in the works.

Remember if you have any questions about SGL or the Communities Choice, please feel free to ask below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also our submissions window is now open, the weekly times open Thursday at 1 am CST / Thursday 6 am UTC and will close at Saturday 1 am CST / Saturday 6 am UTC.

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