My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 25 of SGL!

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Hello everyone and once again I'm sorry I'm running late here, but much the same as last week things have been crazy and with the soft fork - it's safe to say I've had another few sleepless nights, up working to keep track of everything going on.

But I am always of the mind better late then never, which is why we have been trying to let late entries in as long as none of the judges have submitted results - this way we can all try to stick to the schedule but if your a little late it's not the end of the world, or a complete waste of your time and energy.

I am thrilled to say this week had some really amazing quality performances, I can't believe the calibre of entrant we are getting and it's really lovely to see all the new faces joining SGL!

But given that I am late, here is my judges top 5 selection for week 25 of SGL!

First Place:

@gabrielamenesesg - Sonic Groove Live Week 25 | Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars (Cover)

Hell yes! This was an absolutely fantastic performance, I was completely blown away with your phenomenally stunning vocals - this was just brilliant on every single level, you had me hooked from the instant you started.

Firstly I have to mention that Bruno Mars is not an easy act to follow, he often uses quit demanding melodies and you took it all in stride - in fact you absolutely smashed it out of the park.

You have an amazing tonal quality to your voice, its warm yet so crystal clear - you have spectacular vocal control, displaying brilliant precision, power and range.

I really loved every single moment of that performance, a truly sublime performance that just kept giving more - I really cannot wait to see and hear more from you and hope you join us again soon!

Second Place:

@tarotbyfergus - Sonic Groove Live Week 25 : Vrbice Vrbo(trad)

Oh Fergus you did it again my man, this was bloody brilliant! I just got so into this, obviously I have no idea what it's saying or meaning - but I honestly didn't feel the need to translate like I usually would, this just felt like it needed to be taken in and absorbed the way it was delivered.

I could see me listening this while trying to relax/meditate, there is something about the combination of the notes,melody, even the sounds of the words felt special - perfectly designed and engineered for this song.

Then you took it to the next level and completely blew me away, with a little bit of throat singing and just a dash of harmonic overtone - just stunning man and absolutely stoked to hear something so amazing from you again <3

Third Place:

@minuetoacademy - Sonic Groove Live - Week 25 | Sonidos del Alma (Original Song) by @minuetoacademy

This was just an absolutely breathtaking composition, there was no option but to include this entry in my top 5 - this is such a stunningly complex piece where even the moments of silence are a part of the structure and essence.

I was completely captivated by this piece of music, you have made something so light and magical - with a few eerie moments to boot, I jut couldn't get enough of this and kept listening again and again.

Just absolutely brilliant and I really lovely every second of this little masterpiece, I really enjoy brilliant and unique compositions that can take you away on a journey - all round fantastic performance and masterful composition!

Fourth Place:

@leomolina - Sonic Groove Live Week 25 - "Maquiavélico" [Cover Song + Subtitle]

Wow man you are really doing fantastic with these performances, I was blown away last week and wondered how it would go this week and I am stoked to say you took it up another notch again - this is just an incredible performance and I really enjoyed every moment of it.

I really love that you sing your own chorus as well, it really adds a nice alternate feel and flow to the piece - I also really love your passion levels, you always deliver what is needed for performance like this.

listening to it while I write this, I honestly couldn't tell from sound alone this wasn't a fully professional recording - I was just so complete and flawlessly executed, I was really impressed and continue to be. I really can't wait to see what you have for us next week!

Fifth Place:

@ylich - Sonic Groove Live Week 25 - A cantar calypso vengo yo (Original)

Your entries are always an absolute pleasure to hear but also to watch, you just bring such amazing energy to your performances - not to mention that smile is infectious and you can really tell you enjoy what you do.

Your playing is always perfection, I am always impressed by the speed of this style of playing - I know with my limited playing skills this would be completely impossible for me to pull off, not to mention just maintaining the pace of this composition.

I love seeing a performer actually perform the song, I know it can be hard without an audience there to gauge and get feedback it can be difficult - but with your entries I always feel that just behind the camera there's got to be an audience there taking it in, but this is just the charisma you bring to your entries.

Another fantastic performance, so full of energy and skill - I absolutely loved every second of it and as always I can't wait to see and hear more!

See what a truly amazing week of performances we got! It was just brilliant and I am still really happy to see the lovely new faces joining us on SGL, we will continue to grow and it's fantastic to have you all along for the journey with us <#

A massive thank you to all who entered this week, please remember to go check out the other judges posts @isaria and @zipporah and show them some love - until next week, keep groovin!


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